Thursday, October 29, 2009

Sausage Fest

There are two kinds of people in this world. There are the kind of people who love the taste of sausage and don't really care how or with what it's made. And then there are the people who like the taste of good sausage, but will never fully enjoy it because of what goes into the making of it.

Personally, I love my Eagles sausage. I don't care how many penalties are included. Run/pass ratio under 40%? Meh. Is my sausage now made without my favorite defensive player? Different flavor, but it still goes down the hatch pretty well. Heck, that flavor was mostly expired anyway and was already starting to cause some indegestion (remember all those blown coverages last year?). At the end of the day, I really don't care what goes into making my sausage as long as a Win is coming out in the end.

I've come to realize over the years though that most Philly fans care more about what goes into their sausage than the taste. And that's baffling to me. I really can't understand why the ingredients should count more than the taste of the product. If you're really an "entertainment" gourmet, then shouldn't you be ingesting something a little higher quality than sausage in the first place?

I think we all agree that there's no such thing as a moral victory in professional football. Losing a well fought game is still a loss and makes it that much tougher to reach the playoffs, which is where any team has to get to in order to win a championship. But if that's the case, then there shouldn't be any such thing as a moral defeat either. If you have one, you have to have the other.

So if there are no moral defeats, then let's stop holding our noses when we watch this team. Let's stop critiquing ever little coaching gaffe or execution blunder and focus on what is truly important: This team has won twice the number of games than it's lost so far this year. And I LOVE the taste of that sausage!

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Blogger David said...

I like this post. Very creative and makes a good point.

I am a carnivore. i love my sausage in all shapes and sizes. however, I do not like certain brands of sausage and get angry with myself for buying them again and again. It's no one's fault but mine at the end of the day, but the ingredients just aren't good enough to really satisfy my hunger.

This Birds team isn't elite. they are OK. Unfortunately, they aren't really entertaining. they show glimpses and then they have entire mistake filled halves vs. the dregs of the NFL. This team would be more palatable if.

1. Their head coach wasn't so stubborn and continually made the same mistakes and lack of in game adjustments. he never helps them win-see lack of adjustment to run vs. the Raiders.

2. Their QB wasn't such a prima donna. Why shouldn't I dislike my ingredients when he dislikes the ingredients?

3. At the end of the day, this sausage isn't built top last. it is based on a model that will never win it any championship sausage contests. It is flawed in its approach to ball control and clock management and it struggles to do things differently when its game plan is failing. I like sausage as much as the next guy, probably more, but I like the notion that i can stack my sausage against yours and the judges will choose mine as the best. That can't happen with this team. there are at least 4-5 teams that will win 100% of sausage contests vs. this brand.

Bumble Evans

11:45 AM EDT  
Blogger The Happy Apologist said...

Bumble Evans, this post was written with you in mind as you're the poster child for Ingredients over Taste argument. Though TMG does have strong tendencies towards your position as well.

5:27 PM EDT  
Blogger The Happy Apologist said...

FYI - feel free to recommend topics to post on. I'm thinking of doing some research on age of teams, but will probably end up being to lazy to do the analysis.

5:28 PM EDT  
Blogger David said...

How about a quick and dirty comparison of NFc East teams and age by position. Could make the point that the Birds are doing things better than their brethren, although the Giants are awfully young and talented too.

11:56 PM EDT  

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