Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Eagles at Redskins: Post Mortem

Good win. Any time you go on the road to a division rival and win by 10 points is a Good Win. For those who would disagree with this statement, check back later this week for my Sausage Fest post.

What I disliked about the game:

1) Wildcat plays.
2) All the penalties. They realize this isn't the preseason anymore, right? All the personal fouls are just killing this team. Along with the offsides and defensive holding and . . .
3) 36 goes down again. Stop me if you've heard this one before. And McCoy didn't jump out at me as having a great game. Not that he had a bad one, but I didn't see much burst.
4) McNabb was a little off. Several passes seemed to be well off the mark. Tough to say how much of this was the offensive line not helping him out a whole lot. I thought he looked really good scrambling around and buying time. It's night and day between him and Campbell as to how well they look when the pocket starts collapsing around them. For those who think we need an upgrade at this position, there are many, many worse QBs starting in this league than the one we've got right now.
5) ESPN's commentators (though this isn't really an ESPN gripe). OK, we get it. The Redskins have some coaching issues. And "execution" is more important than the play calling. They must either think we're the dumbest humans on the planet and need to be told something 15 times in order to understand it or that their audience is turning over every 4 plays (or waking up in the Ed Wade household).

What I liked about the game:

1) They won.
2) DeSean Jackson. I love that the law of averages with Eagles drafting WRs early finally caught up with the team. Even with the "he loves him some him" pregame bit, this kid is a whole truckload of "wow". He's an early version of Brian Westbrook. And since the shelf life of WRs is about twice that of RBs, we could be in store for literally dozens more games like this. His average TD catch is 50 yards!
3) Turnover battle wins them this game. Scored on all the of the early game turnovers.
4) Akers knocks in all his FG attempts and seemed to have decent distance on his kickoffs.

What this game tells us about the future:

1) Not a lot. The Redskins suck.
2) Not a very disciplined bunch of guys right not. My hope is that this is because it's a lot of young guys and they'll grow out of it.
3) This offense could be ridiculously good. That has got to be about the worst looking 20 points, I've ever seen an offense score. Imagine if the Eagles had been halfway decent? WAS isn't a good team, but still that has to give some cause for optimism.
4) This offensive line needs to get better fast because this is the only way #3 directly above is going to happen.



Blogger David said...

great post! Nailed all the major issues. The Giants game will tell us a lot about where this team is right now. It is pretty amazing that they retooled their entire team with young guys in the last 3 years. They even have a young QB in waiting that while not better than 5, would start on many teams. That warrants credit to Reid the GM. I do agree that maybe that youth is what gets them in trouble with stupid plays and penalties.

But go big picture. Would you rather be the Birds young and somewhat inconsistent or the Skins, old and the entire team on its last collective leg.

12:11 PM EDT  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nice post, Phil. Great analysis. And I agree 100% with Bumble (again) on his other post about Reid's horrible in-game coaching abilities. Keep it going, boyz !
GO PHILLIES !!!!!!!!!!!!!


1:33 PM EDT  
Blogger The Happy Apologist said...

I don't think we should pump up the Giants game more than it's one game in a 16 game season. They're all important. We're also still fairly early in the season. That said, the OAK loss reduces the amount of flexibility they have to drop one of these games. They especially need it since it's at home. I'm thinking they need to win 5 of 6 in their division in order to make the playoffs.

Eagles young have upside while Redskins old don't have very much. Philly also seems better able to whether the ocassional injury (36), while DC is going to be killed by losing Cooley for a month.

6:35 PM EDT  
Blogger David said...

I just think the Giants are a solid team who doesn't beat themselves. It'll be the first time the Birds play a similarly talented team and they need to cut the stupid crap and play well to win.

11:47 PM EDT  

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