Friday, November 06, 2009

Cowboys at Eagles Preview

Reasons why Dallas will win:
Eagles are awful against TEs and Witten is a top 3 TE.
DAL can get great pressure from DEs.
Romo is on a roll.
PHI is getting a lot of points of turnovers - is this sustainable?
DAL has very good running game.

Reasons why Philadelphia will win:
Westbrook is coming back.
OL is getting healthy and starting to gel.
DeSean is consistently making big plays.
PHI defense has been playing well over past month.

Keys to the game:
PHI wins if they can make Romo look like Eli did last week.
DAL will win if they can exploit PHI's linebackers.

This game could easily play out like last week's game. I like the Eagles' upside here but they have to start fast. If McNabb starts a little slow, the Dallas D could make it really hard for PHI to catch back up.



Blogger David said...

simply put, McNabb was outplayed by Romo tonight. That was the only way they lose and that's what happened.

I don't like Samuel at all. To me, he is like a good middle relief closer who excels vs. lefties. He has one unique skill-intercepting balls, but he cannot tackle anyone and he hurt the team by being out there unwilling to tackle anyone. Red needs to see that and get him the hell off the field.

Phil it'd be interesting to doiscuss the bust that was every free agent OL pickup by Red this off season. Andrews can't even play! That is flat disgraceful. I'd purge the roster of Andrews this off season.


11:30 PM EST  
Blogger David said...

This is why Mc5 will never be an elite QB. As well as he played last week, he washes that away with a lackadaisical performance tonite. Too many picks, too many bad decisions, too many balls that hit Dallas DB in the hands and were dropped, too many failures to audible. The stat line may say he was OK, but he was bad Donovan tonite.

Dammit! They had to have this game and set themselves up for a nice second half. Instead they remain an average team in a sea of average teams. Brutal brutal loss.

11:47 PM EST  
Blogger David said...

Crushing loss. Absolutely had to have that one. No ifs, ands, or buts. mark this game as the beginning of where things went south. Lots of injuries and erratic play. Halfway through the damned season and we still don't know if this team is any good. That is ridiculous!

And godammit you had one job-do not let Austin beat you and what do you do?

And Red kicking a field goal there? Why? So what if you lose by 4 or 7?

Awful game by a lot of Eagles. I still cannot fathom how 10 was not involved at all in the game plan.

Godammit! Terrible effort.

11:51 PM EST  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This game is exactly why I had to stop living and dying by this team. They are so maddeningly inconsistent and unpredictable in the level of their execution, yet other areas are stunningly consistent -- poor clock/time out management, lack of in-game adjustments etc. How many penalties does Jason Peters have this season ? Are they ALL in critical 3rd down situations ? McNabb was terrible (again). Their deep threat beat us deep on a double move, and Whitten converted a critical 3rd down to put the game away. One team made a few critical plays to win the game -- not our team. Screw you guys...I'm going home (Eric Cartman). That's how I feel after watching these guys.


12:27 PM EST  

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