Saturday, October 31, 2009

Giants at Eagles Preview

Ugh. This is going to be one of those agonizing slugfests that are painful to watch. I haven't watched much of NY yet this year, but my gut says they've got the better team . . . on average. I like Philly's upside more though. What I mean by that is that if these teams played 10 games, then NY probably wins 6 of them all by close scores, while Philly would win 2 or 3 of them in blowouts.

10 things I want to see from this game (ranked in order of preference):

10. Solid special teams coverage.
9. Another good game from Witherspoon. I really hope Monday night wasn't a 1 game fluke.
8. Good game from Akers with several touchbacks and no FG misses inside 45 yards.
7. No Wildcat plays.
6. Consistant pressure from the D-Line.
5. No more dumb penalties on 3rd downs - especially personal fouls and offsides.
4. Gotta win the turnover battle.
3. McNabb in an early rhythm.
2. Long TDs by DeSean "Action" Jackson
1. Some tasty sausage!



Blogger dbarr75 said...

did not see that coming. Great game plan on all sides of the ball, great audible and leadership by McNizzle. Sure a few special teams gaffes and blown assignments, but all in all a flat out ass reaming by the Birds over a good but suddenly hobbling team. Wow! Hats off.


4:15 PM EST  

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