Thursday, February 14, 2008

World's Smallest Bodybuilder

at first glance, i was sure this was a photoshop but it's freaking real. this guy is awesome

read about it here.

some eagles thoughts:

1) LJ stinks - have no idea why they'd want to commit that much money to keeping him.

2) kudos to eli manning for being a decent game manager in the playoffs, but he still stinks. superbowl should have ended when asante samuel dropped the pick.

3) giants may have the best overall passrush i've seen in years, maybe ever. that was the single biggest factor in the superbowl.

4) eagles are not that far off but they need to shore up a few areas (WR, DE, DB). terrell suggs and jared allen are not going anywhere. the one guy who is semi-available and no one is really talking about is larry fitzgerald. if i were the birds, i'd do anything i could to get that guy. i think he's a better player than chad johnson and less of a headcase. he has some of the best hands in football and probably only randy moss has better ball skills in the nfl. if i could only have one thing for the birds, it would be larry fitzgerald. i've never seen him drop a pass -- at pitt or in the pros.

5) i think spagnuolo showed this year that the guts of jj's defense still works as long as you have the players to run it. the eagles lack of success at acquiring difference making defensive ends either in the draft or free agency may be one of the big things holding jj back recently.

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Anonymous Phil said...

Welcome back, TMG.

3:44 PM EST  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Flyers pick Vinny Prospel back up. Not sure if I like that move.

- Joe

2:02 PM EST  

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