Monday, December 24, 2007

Game 15 Thoughts

christmas kicks off with an eagles win, never a bad way to start the holidays.

- stewart bradley looked terrific. the patriots and steelers were supposedly targeting him in the draft and it's easy to see why. he's pretty big, but he plays very naturally and was able to find the ball consistently (especially when he was playing in the middle). those two stops bradley made at the goal line were impressive -- most notably the one on karney, who is a load. the eagles young linebacker corps has a shot to be one of their better trio's in a while.

- mcnabb played his best game in a while and only good comes out of him playing well. it's either a sign that he has a shot at being the player he once was or it solidifies his trade value. i'm not looking forward to the sucking that will likely happen at the start of the kolb era, but if it's going to happen, the birds need to maximize what they can get for don. they won't be able to get a herschel walker package for him, but they can probably get a first day pick or two. i'm still hoping for one more shot next year. mcnabb looked pretty darn good today, sticking the ball in tight places and escaping trouble when necessary.

- the defense is playing pretty well and i think they have a shot at being dominant again with just a few additions. bunkley and patterson are monsters. cole is pro-bowl caliber. thomas is solid. the linebackers look promising. sheldon and lito are borderline pro-bowl. reed and mikell are solid. he's my favorite eagle, but b-dawk is done.

- tra thomas doesn't have much left in the tank. he's always had more trouble with power rushers than speed guys, but he simply cannot handle guys with a decent bullrush.



Anonymous Phil said...

Welcome back. I agree the LBs looked pretty decent, but comparing them to what we've had recently is damning with faint praise.

We need better WR. We need better WR. We need better WR. I don't care who is under center, but we better get that fixed (and a 36 replacement - Hunt is not that player) very soon.

Overall, decent win against a team still fighting for a playoff spot.

7:07 AM EST  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Tight end ? Anybody ? Get me a tight end, a better WR and a healthy Mc5. Hope we can squeeze 1 more year out of Runyan and Tra, and take 1 more shot next year - then we have to start fresh with the Kolb era. Need to rebuild the offensive line and start replacing the defensive secondary. Thier play the last few weeks has sucked me back to thinking maybe.....just maybe...........


4:27 PM EST  
Anonymous Phil said...

Heard somewhere that they should get Baskett to add 20 pounds and move him to TE since he's such a good blocker.

8:59 AM EST  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Phil - Eagle's have 3 receivers with 60 or more catches (team record). Curtis had over 1000 yards.

my predictions for next year:

Reed - keep
Mikell - keep
McNabb - keep
Avant - keep
Celek - keep
Curtis - keep
Spikes - keep
Hanson - keep
Sheldon Brown - keep
Gaither - keep
Bradley - keep
Westbrook - keep (duh)
Baskett - keep

LJ - gone
Lewis - gone
Reggie Brown - gone
Thomas - gone
Buck - gone
Sheppard - gone
Feeley - gone

Runyun - retires
B Dawk - retires (I may cry that day)

- Joe

3:19 PM EST  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

So you'r edeep sizing both starting offensive tackles, your starting TE, and Reggie Brown? And you'll win 5 games in 2008? Look I am as frustrated by this mess of a season as the next guy, but in reality, it all hinges on 5. When he got healthier and made more plays, they played better. i would bring him back provided he stops acting like a jilted 16 year old girl every time the media mentions that maybe he isn't perfect and recognizes that as the trigger man, you get a ton of heat.

I would keep both OT if they'll stay because Justice looks like he cannot play (another blown high round pick) but you need to know that for sure before giving up on him.

I'd deep six LJ and Schoebel and get another TE who can catch the ball and stays healthy. Celek would be my 1.

I would deep six Buck and get a second RB who has some explosiveness to back up B Wes.

I'd keep Curtis, Brown, Avant, and bring back Stallworth to be my stretch the field guy. Baskett and lewis would be gone.

I'd upgrade my secondary. they looked bad this year-both old and soft. You need to bring good free agents in and draft people. You need 2-3 secondary folks given's dawk's age, Lito's labia, and others shortcomings.

Don't break the bank for D line, get some serviceable guys who can rotate and make plays. I'd like another DT for the mix and I like Abiamirri.

LB looks solid. i'd bring back Spikes for leadership and bring in athletes via the draft for special teams.

Their kicking game is in shambles and here is where I'd put a ton of energy in the off season. They have no return man. that must be amended for 2008. Rocca looked average to me, although I loved the big hit yesterday. You may need an upgrade there or it may have been his first year jitters. To me the biggest problem is Akers. he no longer has range and cannot be relied upon to make big kicks. in addition, his kickoffs to the 10 and 15 just kill you with poor field position. I think he may be done.

I'd give Reid one more year to straighten this out and hope a full year of healthy McNabb means more wins. This division ahs become the most competitive in football, so no one else is going to dry up and blow away. they'll need to earn every inch next year.


11:30 AM EST  

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