Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Tuesday Links

- a few lito sheppard articles, rich hoffman notes that lito insists that he's not a gambler and his picks are a result of experience and film study.

- LJ claims he'll do what he can to help brent celek, even though it looks likely that celek is going to take his job at some point. the reason? because chad lewis did the same for LJ when he was a rookie. interestingly, this is the second recent comment in this vein. just last week, mcnabb was saying that he's doing everything he can to help kolb even though theoretically kolb is here to take his job because doug pederson did the same for mcnabb.

- gcobb weighs in with his 53-man roster

- reuben franks notes that omar gaither got most of the reps as first team middle linebacker yesterday



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