Monday, August 20, 2007

Daily Ankle Check

les bowen talked to andrews' agent, rich moran, who said:
Moran said he agrees with Reid that Andrews should be ready for the start of the season . . .



Blogger Big Dog said...

Thank goodness.....Mr. Andrews is a freaking stud. Great nickname, too. Either he will be ready or the old "week to week" thing....again, let's not get too up or too down, yet. Is it possible that Trot is supplanted on run downs? If it's best for the team you have to do it...

Boys, I want LJ nad Celek to be honest....LJ does make plays and he really causes mismatches and Celek looks to be the Chad Lewis, but the better athlete role....does anyone remember Celek torching Rutgers last year, too??

1:08 PM EDT  

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