Saturday, August 18, 2007

What the Heck is Going on with Shawn Andrews?

what an odd situation. on one side, you have the player using words like "tear jerker" and "bone stimlulator". on the other side, you have the coach -- who is usually evasive about injuries, most often using "i'm not going to get into all that" -- providing a very specific diagnosis:

He has a high ankle sprain, a relatively mild one.
clearly, there's some sort of difference of opinion between the eagles team doctors and the specialist. hope this plays out well. gilles is a road grader, but he's not half the player andrews is. shawn is impressively mobile for a supermassive guy, gilles looks to be rooted to the ground.



Blogger Striper 43 said...

Great Blog, I think that was weird when Andrew's said his injury was a tearjerker. Visit my philly sports blog at and tell me what you think, thanks

10:53 AM EDT  

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