Thursday, August 09, 2007

Thursday Links

- injury concerns appear to be the topic of the day at all the local papers. while most don't appear to be overly serious, two injuries bear watching as they involve 2 of the 5 best players on the team -- shawn andrews (sprained ankle) and brian dawkins (achilles). andrews was sent back to philadelphia to see a specialist (never a good sign no matter how "precautionary" the move is) and takeo spikes notes that his ruptured achilles started as lingering achilles tendonitis.
- continuing daily propoganda about how good bunkley looks so far

- despite a light workload, mcnabb continues to look good in camp

- receivers looked better yesterday

- big red singled out brent celek for praise. my question is whether it was aimed at celek or more at LJ.

- bob grotz says no rookie has been more impressive than victor abiamiri

- the giants had a light day in response to their growing injury list, also of note is that eli still has accuracy issues

- an AP profile of brian westbrook

- igglesblog speculates about the possibility of reagor not making the team and being traded back to the colts



Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am hoping that almost no starters play for the first pre-season game, and if they do, they're in for like 2 plays. The 2-a-days they've been running have really beaten the hell out of our team. I am very concerned about Andrews, and Dawkins. I am a bit concerned about Hunt, because I think he'll be ahead of Moats when all is said and done.

- Joe

1:10 PM EDT  
Anonymous Phil said...

I'm not that concerned about the injuries. Players miss a lot more time in pre-season to injuries that wouldn't keep them out of practice during the season. Especially the vets. Not like Dawk really has anything to lean/prove at this point. Better to keep all players as rested as possible.

I'm more concerned about the WR drops and 5's health.

4:14 PM EDT  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I agree about Dawk. He is the consummate pro and is probably only making sure he does what he needs to be at full volume (his volume goes to 11)for the season.
Andrews is a concern though.
I'm actually not concerned about L.J. though. I think that we'll be good enough with Shoebel and Celek. I think while Brown may drop one or two, I don't think Curtis, or Baskett will. I also think our running game is going to suprise the hell out of teams this year.

- Joe

12:19 PM EDT  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

anyone watch that? Some good-Celek can play, Abiamirri is tough, Bunkley had a few plays, but many many more concerns.

1. They still cannot stop the run. They just seem to lack that nasty attitude. Look at how the ravens play on their side of the LOS and then watch how they absorb blocks and dance. I needed to see a team with attitude. Instead they played pat a cake all night. This pervaded all teams.

2. They had no play makers at RB before the game aside from B Wes. They have even fewer now without Moats. Not that he would've made the team, but they have zero depth at that position. Iloa cannot play, Buck cannot play, Hunt maybe.

3. I saw no speed at WR. They dinked and dunked all game. Boring.

I realize that Big Red takes preseason about as serious as he takes those nutrional value warnings on the box of Tastykakes, but there were enough things to be concerned about in that game. They had no emotion and they got pushed around on both LOS. Not good. I'd play the starters the entire first half Friday. They need to show they can play.


10:18 PM EDT  
Anonymous Phil said...

I only saw late 2Q and 2H and that's about how it looked to me. D didn't do a good job tackling either. Kolb didn't look horrible considering his WRs had a couple drops.

Man has reid ballooned back up. Looks like he's approaching 4 bills now. Not good.

7:08 AM EDT  
Blogger Big Dog said...

On the contrary, Big Red is best when he is a lard ass. You don't want him skinny. I mean, not as fat. They will be fine....this happens every year....the Ravens totally dominate us and we end up being fine...the concerns are valid, but with Don and the starters in we should be fine....remember we kind of treat this like a controlled batting practice....Iloa can not play and I think he is going to get it will be Wes, Buck and Hunt...probably one FB....I liked what I saw from Kolb, and I actually think he is a much better option than Feeley, which is a little scary....we'll be fine, though....we pulled a lot of starters early, didn't play some All-Pro's...blah blah blah....don't worry until Don can't play...and even then, they will compensate somehow....remember, no Reagor, Ian Scott, Dawk, either

7:35 AM EDT  
Anonymous Phil said...

I meant not good for his health. The Eagles really don't take these games seriously.

3:26 PM EDT  

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