Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Dr. Jeckyll and Pat Burrell

not sure how it's possible considering the start he got, but with his uber-hot july, pat burrell's season-to-date numbers are looking pretty good compared to his recent performance and more than respectable on an absolute scale.

for reference, here's his current stat line:

303 46 80 17 0 17 58 0 0 79 76 .264 .418 .488 .906

- burrell's ops ranks 15th best in the NL and 25th best in the majors. this ranks him above manny ramirez (.904), justin morneau (.904), carlos lee (.900), and the overly hyped david wright (.897)

- his SLG ranks as a mediocre 27th in NL (49th in the majors), but his OBP is a terrific 5th in the NL (10th in the majors)

- he sits at 32nd in the NL for runs created, but sits at a more than respectable 12th in the NL for RC/27 outs (22nd in the majors)

- he's 2nd in the NL for BB/PA behind only barry bonds (3rd in the majors)

- he's 7th in the NL for BB/SO ratio (15th in the majors)

- he's 10th in the NL for AB/HR (22nd in the majors)

interestingly, his power numbers were at about the same (18 2b and 18 hr in 324 AB last season, 17 2b and 17 hr in 303 AB this season). the difference is in three areas:

- BA - his .020 increase in batting average accounts for all of the difference in his slugging improvement over last season

- BB - he's taking walks at a rate that's over 30% greater than last season

- SO - he's striking out at a rate that's almost 20% less than last season.

where the heck has this guy been? any chance he's going to stay awhile?



Blogger GM-Carson said...

Burrell will always be remembered as a player that never reached his potential. Whether you agree with that or not is up for debate. Bottom line, he's been awesome for this team the past 1.5 months.

6:58 AM EDT  
Blogger The Mean Guy said...

Burrell will always be remembered as a player that never reached his potential

true dat

9:24 AM EDT  

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