Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Thoughts on Trotter

i'll remember trotter as one of the best LBs to suit up for the birds since i've been paying attention (1976-ish). he was a warrior on the field and extraordinarily fan-friendly off the field.

however, if the past has taught me one thing, it's this: i love the philadelphia eagles more than i love any individual who has played for them. while i enjoy watching them play and cheer them until i am hoarse, when they move on, i have no problem letting go.

i started to let my emotional attachment for trotter go two seasons ago (when he chose to ally himself with me-o over doing what was best for the team), and the last connection was broken last season (when he sold out the d-line to deflect criticism from himself and his poor play). how he came through those incidents without being crucified by the local media is a testament to his engaging personality, but it doesn't hide the fact that in the end he turned out to be a bit of a fraud.

that said, things i'll remember about jeremiah:

- the axeman celebration

- the unbelieveable way he'd devastate the middle of an offensive line on a run-blitz

- his ability to shed blockers (among the best LBs i've ever seen)

- that roll he used to do when tackling running backs where he'd end up with his butt on the field and the RB kind of sitting in his lap before continuing the roll and flinging them aside

- his willingness to come back to the team and win his job back by playing special teams

- his fiery and emotional on-field persona

- his decisive burst toward ball carriers and the fierceness with which he hit them

unforunately, i'll also remember that he was one of the self-proclaimed "leaders" of the team and that he came up very small when a team just off a superbowl appearance was floundering for leadership. trotter could have told me-o to just shut up and play, but instead chose to not only back me-o's actions but also to imply that the QB was the instigator and that me-o's actions were justified.

it won't take away from how i view him as a player though -- one certainly deserving of the eagles honor roll -- a great warrior on the field who gave up his body and played with a ferocity seldom seen.



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