Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Additional Trotter Thought

i tried to present a balanced view of trotter, but lest it be interpreted as overly negative, i'll add one more thought on trotter.

of this generation of eagles stars -- trotter, dawkins, vincent, mcnabb, douglas, taylor, duce, westbrook, simon, kearse, lito -- jeremiah was most beloved by the fans. i suppose it's possible that me-o at his peak was a more popular player, but over his career, no player has resonated with or reflected the personality of eagles fans more than jeremiah trotter.what is also apparent is that this was not limited to the fans. the affection that big red obviously has for trotter and the emotional reaction from his teammates is impressive.

he'll be missed in this town.



Anonymous Phil said...

This is a slight stretch as I'd put him just behind Dawk. Maybe at his peak (5 years ago) he was more beloved (just like me-O for that 1 year), but not over his full career. Just look at the number of #54 Eagle jerseys out there (very good approximation of what the fans think), which are a fraction of the #20s in circulation.

I'll miss the AxeMan as well or much as anyone else though I think we've all been missing him for a couple years now. Maybe that's why so few people are saying this is an incredibly dumb move.

9:06 AM EDT  
Blogger The Mean Guy said...

i think people recognize #20 is the better player, but #20 isn't quite the man about town that #54 is.

i think people genuinely liked trotter the person more than any other eagle that i can remember other than probably bill bergey.

9:11 AM EDT  

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