Sunday, April 29, 2007

NFL Draft Day 1 Thoughts

wasn't able to follow the draft live as i normally would and haven't had the time to do the research i normally would leading into the draft so i feel rather uninformed this year. i do have a few thoughts based on the results of the first day. this was an odd draft for the eagles, in more ways than one.

- i think safety was probably what big red and heckert were targeting and having all four first round quality safeties off the board by the 24th pick threw a monkey wrench into their draft plans. personally, i would have liked to have seen brandon merriweather slip to them, but alas, the patriots grabbed him.

- wow, did the cowboys rob the browns, blind. cleveland gave the cowboys the 36th pick in this year's draft and a likely top 10 pick in next years draft for the 22nd pick. not only did they overpay for the 22nd pick, no QB was taken until the eagles picked kolb at 36! the browns could have conceivably stayed put and ended up with quinn. probably not likely, but doesn't appear to have been critical for them to move up in such a panicking fashion. of course, the only reason i care is that the eagles then traded down and gave the pick to dallas for a 2, 3, and 5. in effect, the cowboys got a top ten pick next year for dropping down 4 spots in the first round, a 3, and a 5. that's highway robbery and more importantly, next year's draft is supposed to be significantly better than this year's draft.

- not sure why QB was the top pick. i wish i had a window into big red's head. likely reason is the birds had kolb with a first round grade and since it takes QB's more time to learn this infernal offense than it takes to get a college degree no reason not to start grooming don's successor if he falls to you. i heard or read somewhere that mornhinweg thinks kolb is the best worst coast offense QB in the draft.

- overall, i have no problems with the players the birds drafted but i think the giants had the best first day netting a top caliber corner, a playmaking WR, and jay alford. can't discount the cowboys, who stole a top ten pick. redskins stink on the field and getting just laron landry in the first day of the draft must be making their fans sick.

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Anonymous Matt T said...

Was Andy Reid serious when he told Berman that at pick 36, Kolb was the best player on their board? It was an obvious spin job to not create any negative press for Donovan.

I don't have a huge problem with the Eagles drafting a QB on the first day, but I do have a huge problem with them not drafting for the secondary. Dawkins has a few years left, strong safety is a question mark and the Lito is their only top-level corner (sorry Sheldon).

Instead they draft a defensive end , which the Eagles are a solid 4-deep. The strong-side LB is a decent pick in the third round.

But in a draft deep with safeties, they don't take one, and that's troubling.

10:50 AM EDT  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Like Angry Guy said. Everyone they wanted for secondary that they had on the board as "first round rated" were gone by the time the Eagles picked. I don't mind them getting a QB. I am HOPING they trade him for something more valuable. Still, I guess thinking 4 years down the road is fine for someone in Andy's position. I am glad to see that before they made the pick, they actually called Donovan, to let him know what the story was.

Very glad in the Tony Hunt draft. Could be a first year high impact player.

- Joe

5:42 PM EDT  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh yeah. I predict the Patriots will win the AFC this year.

- Joe

5:43 PM EDT  
Blogger The Mean Guy said...

i'm extremely happy with the tony hunt pick as well. he's going to be a productive player and a great change of pace to westbrook.

it'll be like having a young duce staley on the team.

7:05 PM EDT  

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