Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Final 2006 DPAR and DVOA Ranks

- TEAM - the philadelphia eagles finish the 2006 regular season 3rd in overall team efficiency, ranking at 3rd on offense, 11th on defense, and 22nd on special teams, while playing the 18th hardest schedule this season. the other teams in the division finished at 9th (nyg), 10th (dal), and 23rd (was).

- QB - donovan mcnabb ranked 7th in DPAR and 8th in DVOA and jeff garcia ranked 18th/10th despite both of them playing only part of the season.

- RB - brian westbrook finished 7th in DPAR/7th in DVOA for rushing and 3rd in DPAR/17th in DVOA for receiving (westbrook's disparity between DPAR and DVOA in the passing game is interesting). correll buckhalter finishes at 38th/25th for rushing (above edgerrin james, jamal lewis, and shaun alexander) and 10th/2nd for receiving (that 2nd in DVOA is not a misprint).

- WR - reggie brown ranked 22nd/18th and donte' stallworth ranked 39th/35th. hank baskett, jason avant, and greg lewis did not have enough catches to qualify in the rankings.

- TE - lj smith finished 13th/21st

- OL - the jackson 5 ranked 3rd in run blocking and 14th in pass protection. the birds finished 8th sweeping left, 19th off left tackle, 3rd up the middle, 14th off right tackle, and 4th sweeping right. despite his early season struggles, tra/william seems to have shored up his run blocking. i don't have any visual evidence of it other than i stopped noticing him getting stuffed at the line. nice job, william.

- DL - the d-line finished 21st against the run and 4th in pass rushing.



Anonymous Phil said...

The difference for Westbrook is because he catches so many passes. DPAR is a cumulative stat, while DVOA is basically on a per play basis. Buck's numbers can probably be explained by the surprise factor (i.e. no one goes in game planning to take away Buck in the passing game).

I have to say that I am shocked and amazed they ended up staying as high as they did over the course of the year.

Anyone else starting to get worried about our special teams? I was expecting more of a bounce back from last season's dreadful performance, yet haven't seen it. It's not to the point yet where it is likely to cost them a game (a la the Gints or 1990s Eagles), but it is my biggest concern going into the playoffs. And no one seems to be talking about it.

8:43 PM EST  
Blogger The Mean Guy said...

yes, what i find interesting about that is that westbrook has a reputation as one of the best pass catching backs in the league.

maybe what those stats are telling us are that he's not a great pass catching back, he just catches a lot of balls? i thought last season was an aberration (he was 2nd in DPAR for RB but only 14th in DVOA), but it seems like he's getting less effective as a pass catcher every year (in 2004, he was 2nd/8th). he's still catching a lot of balls, he's just doing less with them.

there are probably a number of reasons why this is happening, but two that stand out in my head are:

- teams are gameplanning to stop him in the pass game

- his emphasis on bulking up to become a better runner (and he definitely has) has reduced his effectiveness as a receiver.

either way, i think it's interesting that this is a trend now rather than a spike.

9:01 AM EST  
Blogger The Mean Guy said...

the only concern i have about special teams is our return game (aka reno mahe). i suppose everyone knows my opinion of mahe at this point, so no need to rehash.

the kicking game should be fixed once koy is back in place and our coverage teams have been pretty good of late. the only remaining weakness is that we start every drive at a field position disadvantage because our kickoff returner barely gets it to the 20.

9:03 AM EST  
Anonymous Phil said...

I thought I remembered Westbrook being higher in DVOA earlier this year. Maybe Garcia's not getting him the ball at the right time?

9:34 AM EST  

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