Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Running the Ball

thinking more about the game the other night. another thing that i liked about the running was not only that they ran the ball more, but they were also doing more power running. last season the majority of their runs seemed to be more of the gimmick variety. traps, delays, reverse action flips, etc. sunday night's game was all about power football (at least for the ones) -- line up and blow 'em off the line of scrimmage. it was a beautiful thing.



Blogger The Big Dog said...

Pete, it was a nice sight to see downhill running instead of sweeps that get stuffed for 5 yard losses.

I just read that the Sixers are going to let their mid-level exception expire today. Billy King says that there is no one out there. So let me get this straight, we go from changing the culture to doing absolutely nothing to a team that didn't sniff the play-offs (outside of the draft)....that is just brilliant....KING MUST GO!!!!!

8:28 AM EDT  

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