Monday, August 07, 2006

Jerome McDougle

from dave barr:
No pass rush out of the backup DE-did McDougle even play?
thanks for reminding me. i watched jerome mcdougle a lot during the game, and he really doesn't look much different than past seasons. disappointingly so, unfortunately.

based on the tremendous positive news i've been reading about his camp performances where he was dominating runyan and getting 2-3 "sacks" a day, i was eager to see the mcdougle who warranted moving up to take.

what i saw was a guy who did a lot of handfighting, but didn't make much progress to the QB... especially after the shovel pass from andrew walter to justin fargas that went for (something like) 30 yards. on that play, mcdougle took a wide speed rush and ran himself out of the play, allowing walter to dip underneath him and outside the pocket. after that play, mcdougle payed a lot of attention to containing the QB.

he did try a couple of bullrushes later in the same drive, but a 260 lb guy isn't going to make a lot of money bullrushing a 300+ lb guy.



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