Friday, August 04, 2006

Bunkley Signs!

hear, hear!

bunkley is expected to sign a six-year 17.5 million dollar contract with a 9.775 million dollar signing bonus this weekend. the deal can increase in value to 30 million based on incentives.



Anonymous Phil said...

And there was much rejoicing.

3:51 PM EDT  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thoughts on the preseason hall of fame game last night...
Don and Westbrook and the first string looked brilliant. Akers is definitely healed and back in great form. McNabb was nimble in the pocket and had a good mix of passes and run plays.
I couldn't care less about whether the birds lost last night. In the scheme of things, it doesn't mean anything.
However, when McNabb left and Garcia (who somehow wants to be a QB and not a backup??) took over, they were struggling. Dear God, let's hope we never really have to rely on the second string in real game situations. Forgive me for saying this, but Garcia reminded me of McMahon. He seemed nervous and never really looked in control. This was not the 49er Garcia, this was the struggling Garcia of late.

Back to good thoughts...did you see that perma-grin on McNabb's face after his close to perfect first drive? I think the birds are in good hands.

Man alive, I love football.


8:11 AM EDT  
Blogger The Big Dog said...

some thoughts from last night....

loved the first string defense, especially the defensive line...Howard looked solid, lots of pressure, flying around. you figure when they get Bunkley in on the rotation that should be a nice addition....Trucker also looked solid, he's tough when he spells people...

liked how Westbrook was running around

even though Mahe didn't look bad, we really don't have a #2 RB at this point, I know Moats is #2, but I hope that Westbrook can stay healthy....maybe Moats will be healthy, but I think that I am a little conerned with this.

I specifically looked at Parry, he did okay and hit some people.

I hate the fact that the Eagles #2 unit does nothing offensively. Ever.

Dirk Johnson was holding for extra points....I think that we are seeing the end of the Koy era.

Fell asleep and didn't see Chang...

If Baskett makes the team and contributes this year (he started last night)...that trade with McMullen could be a steal.

McCoy was all over the field.

JR Reed looked pretty quick for a guy who sliced a nerve in his leg.

Keep in mind, I am basing all of my positive comments on one drive and 2 defensive series.

9:27 AM EDT  

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