Friday, August 04, 2006

Reggie White

reggie white was the best defensive player i've ever watched on my philadelphia eagles. with this being his hall of fame induction weekend, expect lots of reggie tributes that will bring up some very good and some very bad memories. those late 80's/early 90's teams are almost tragic. not only did they never come even close to their potential due to poor coaching and untimely injuries, two of the most beloved players on that team -- reggie and jerome -- were taken far too early.

some of the ones out already:

- phil sheridan (who's getting better all the time, imo) writes a great reggie retrospective and accurately says that reggie played for other teams but he'll always be an eagle

- marc narducci says everyone loved reggie

- dana pennett o'neil says his induction is bittersweet

- ex-cowboy exec gil brandt tells us about his reggie memories



Blogger The Analyzer said...

Are you ready for the Hall of Fame game? I know it's just preseason but I can't wait to watch some football! I just hope the Raiders look sharp this season under Aaron Brooks.

11:29 AM EDT  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Funny story. I played D line in college and out coach used to show video of Eagles D line vs. O line that he had taped. He showed the year when reggie held out and was getting beaten up by Helle ron day one, but by day two he was just using him with the club, the bump, the bull, you name it. Coach asks a friend of mine in all seriousness, "Schilling, why can't you do that?" Schilling, a normally taciturn guy calmly responds, "well coach, that's Reggie White, best D lineman to ever play the game. I'm Matt Schilling, overwieght kid from Maryland who runs a 5.3 and benches sub 300". Laughter ensues.

Reggie was and will always be the best D lineman to ever play the game. It isn't close. Had he played his entire career in the NFL, he'd've set a sack record so high that no one would sniff it and he played the run as well as any D lineman I ever saw. He is the D lineman that every D lineman should aspire to be.


10:52 PM EDT  

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