Monday, August 07, 2006

Al Michaels

what was with al michaels last night? it was almost like he had some sort of agenda. from the start of the game, michaels kept repeating that mcnabb's season ended because of the sternum bruise he got in the atlanta game. he never mentioned the sports hernia. even when madded referred to the hernia later in the game, michaels insisted that mcnabb's season was ruined (paraphrasing here) "because of the injury he got in the opener at atlanta". everyone and their brother knows that don went into last season with the sports hernia and aggravated it as the season progressed.

what gives? was he misinformed, mistaken, senile, or pushing some sort of agenda?



Anonymous Anonymous said...

I actually noticed that too, and they were totally pushing that ME-O was the cause of their success in 2004, even though Me-O was hurt half of that season/post-season, and not mentioning that they were in the NFC games for how many years prior?

Absolutley an agenda. Either that or they were just trying to gang up on Collingsworth.

Also, I know it's a Hall of Fame game, but why are you talking to people on the freaking sidelines during plays, including an Eagles interception. I have that channel on to watch the game not listen to people pine about something that happened 20+ years ago...

- Joe

11:33 AM EDT  
Anonymous Phil said...

Nothing about extending Dawkins for 2 more years? Well done, Banner. Well done.

1:58 PM EDT  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Most "national" announcers know far less about the teams participating in games they broadcast than you might imagine. Typically, flunkies prepare short cheat sheets with facts, figures and observations. Announcers try to work these gems into the play-by-play. If you listen carefully, you'll notice that the better announcers do this seemlessly and in the proper context. Weaker announcer simply spew nonsense during dead air time.

I doubt you experienced "an agenda" last night. Rather, you ran into an unprepared announcer. This highlights why I continue to insist that Troy Aikman mans the mike for all Eagles games. As much as I hate the Cowboys and hated Troy when he played as a consequence, I find it impossible NOT to acknowledge that he is way more knowledgeable, honest, prepared, fair, sincere and insightful than his peer group. He's even helped me overcome my reservation about Joe Buck (who receives serious guilt-by-association demerits for his work with Tim McCarver).

Don won player of the month after the sternum hit. Enough said.


9:12 PM EDT  

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