Friday, August 11, 2006

Preseason Game 2 Thoughts

missed the game due to the travel craziness yesterday. my 5:50 flight out of RDU was delayed in 15 minute increments for 3 hours and then cancelled (f-ing airlines).



Anonymous Phil said...

That sucks. My pop and I were the only ones there from our group. While my game takeaways are never as comprehensive as yours, here they are:

Honey Buns is no Bartrum. After the 2rd high punt snap and almost botched field goal attempt, I asked my dad for his binoculars and saw that Fraley was long snapping. Yikes. This could end very badly.

Best offensive play was made by Baskett with a really nice diving catch. Excellent throw by 5 who was on for 2nd straight game. If this is what everyone's raving about, call me definitely intrigued.

McDougle looked pretty good, although he was mostly in against 3rd stringers by that point.

9:40 AM EDT  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I thought Howard and even Bunkley did well. I was very concerned about the penalties, especially from our "#1" WR Reggie Brown who was otherwise absent. You may not be on the bandwagon yet, but damn Baskett did a good job. So did the TE, and hell, out of neccessity, our halfbacks. I think it showed our RB weaknesses last night. With most of our RB hurt, Mahe showed he can't run up the middle for short yards. We did a nice job of it once our Halfbacks were in though.
Some of the rookies and former practice squad members are going to beat veterans out for starting positions, no doubt.
I'm not worried yet, but I'm not thrilled yet either....

- Joe

P.S. I happened to switch the channel for the kickoff of the Titans pre-season game. They started it by winning an onsides kick...HA!

9:51 AM EDT  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh yeah. J.R. Reed is going to make the team. He was all over the damn field, and would have had a great punt return on the one catch if his shoe didn't almost fall off.
Amazing story. Not certain yet, but I can't imagine him not making it as it stands right now....

- Joe

9:56 AM EDT  
Blogger The Big Dog said...

I think Howard and Spach were long-snapping not tons of Buns...check out the Inquirer Link, most snaps were traumatic....anyhow....

The offensive and defensive lines are playing well....Howard is really going to help this team, especially Kears. Liked the rotation, especially with Cole coming in. LaJuan Ramsey is going to make this team...this draft class is looking good...Bunkley is going to help, too. I think that cutting down players on the defensive line is going to be this point, Jasper could be the odd man out. Juqua Thomas may be, too, but he is playing real well. This is a good problem.

Garcia looked competent last night. The offensive line played tough, except for Thomas and LJ Smith getting destroyed on the one play that Mahe got stuffed on the goal line. It's going to be tough to cut here, too. I think Honey Buns, who is playing guard, may be a mercy cut, but him playing guard is going to help his stock. Don looked good, too.

Parry played okay, but the back-up FBs carried the ball a ton. They can run, which Parry can't. I cut Parry right now, make one of the back-ups the starter and put one on the practice squad. That Marty dude that the Eagles just picked up played well against scrubs. FB is going to be an interesting cut down. RB is a strange situation for them, depending on what Buckhalter looks like may effect some decision making.

McCants can fly and he is going to make this team. Gaffney has been quiet but caught a pass, Brown had a bad series where he clipped or had offensive pass interference....I liked LJ making a big catch and Schoebel had a big catch and YAC. Baskett looks solid and is going to make this is Avant. I think Lewis is going to get axed. Pinky may never make it back, who knows....

McCoy was all over the place, Gaither is playing well....but where the hell is Gocong? is he doing anything? Bloom is killing himself by being hurt.....JR Reed and Considine played well....Considine is a small, white dude, but he is making some plays.

Timmy Chang is too small and looked like a rook. I really wish that we had kept Andy Hall (but I am a Delware alumni and am biased)....he is not making himself as a solid keeper.

10:10 AM EDT  
Blogger Steve72 said...

I think Howard and Spach were long-snapping not tons of Buns...check out the Inquirer Link, most snaps were traumatic....anyhow....

I think this is right.

There was also a note in the Inquirer that there were thoughts about a Honeybuns for Lee Suggs trade. I would love to see that happen.

11:00 AM EDT  
Anonymous Phil said...

Ahh, the one time I checked late in the 3rd quarter they had Buns in there. I hope Bartrum is OK.

Not sure you can cut Lewis. He's a semi-proven commodity in this system, while the other guys aren't. Everyone can look good in the preseason.

12:04 PM EDT  
Blogger The Mean Guy said...

thanks guys!

12:41 PM EDT  
Blogger The Mean Guy said...

There was also a note in the Inquirer that there were thoughts about a Honeybuns for Lee Suggs trade. I would love to see that happen.

wow, that would be great!

12:41 PM EDT  
Blogger Steve72 said...

I hope Bartrum is OK.

The commentator said he had acid reflux.

...Only a fat guy could be sidelined with heartburn.

1:39 PM EDT  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Bartrum update;

Viral infection which caused chest pains. He's due back at Lehigh tonight.

Good news....

- Joe

2:43 PM EDT  
Blogger Steve72 said...

Bartrum will be a zombie within days.

It's happening, people. Arm yourselves.

5:01 PM EDT  
Anonymous Jon Ritchie said...

You need to take it easy on my boy JP. Do you think Don would be so high on him if he was as bad as you say? Donovan McNabb Quote: "I think this is going to be a big year for him. Obviously we have some younger guys on the outside. L.J. and Westbrook and [FB] JOSH PARRY are going to be very important for us because teams are going to try to play us man, teams are going to play us zone in coverage too to try to eliminate the guys on the outside and it's important that the guys on the inside, the tight ends and running backs, are able to get open and make plays for us. There are going to be opportunities on the outside for the guys, but if you are able to spread the ball around and keep the defense guessing, that puts a lot of pressure on them because they don't know now whether to sit back in the zone or blitz."

8:50 PM EDT  
Blogger The Mean Guy said...

that's the quote you're using to support josh parry? a quote where he gets mentioned in passing and could easily be interpreted as meaning that he needs to play better than in past years because there's no TO to lean on now? a quote that mentions nothing about what exactly it is that JP does well? that's don's high praise for JP?

really, the sad part is that *is* the best praise JP has ever gotten. well, except for when his mom/wife showed up here and claimed he was one of the best fullbacks in the league.

we'll see how much the team thinks of him when they pare the roster down to 53.

10:27 PM EDT  
Anonymous Cecil Martin said...

Ya got that? I was checking the, uh, s... specs on the end line for the rotary girder. I'm retarded. Are you kidding me with that response? Get real. Study some more ESPN spoon fed clips like a good sheep.

2:54 AM EDT  
Anonymous Jason Short said...

You are obviously superior to everyone on the planet when it comes to football. I dont know why you arent working in the front office for the Eags right now? That's right; it takes more football knowledge than just playing, or more likely, riding pine in high school! You dont know anything other than what ESPN and Jaws tells you. Go back and watch some game tape, if you know how to do that, when the eagles actually committed to the running game and look at the results. There are stats for those kinds of things you know, pass/run ratio, ratio of run/pass when FB is in. Since you know the eagles so well, ask Westbrook what he thinks of JP?

3:02 AM EDT  
Blogger Steve72 said...

Pete appears to have annoyed the Eagles JV.

Note these players raising from the dead to post here. Zombies. Get your guns.

12:35 PM EDT  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

'FULLBACK' position debate...
For those of you wanting a lorenzo neal or tony richardson why stop there why don't we just fill every position with the top fo the line stars? Be realistic, you cannot have a superstar in every position, you need role players much like hockey. As for who is available...please spare me, if there were star fullbacks available why would they be available? Now for the fullback position battle with the eagles...
Thomas Tapeh simply cannot block..have you actually watched the film on him, he had a few...and I emphasize FEW decent runs against a 2nd and 3rd team 'D'. However his blocking is horrendeous even by rookie standards. Yeah they may be able to have him run occasionally but what happens when they need decent blocking and his glass jaw and week stance allow a blind sided sack. You really want a guy coming off a serious hip injury covering Mcnabb's ass? Simply stupid. As for whether or not Josh Parry can run the ball...who has seen him run the ball in a game...raise your hands...(crickets) well then how can we comment on how he would do. During training camp he ran the ball a few times and broke the line more than once...more like a goal line smash mouth runner. Now I am not saying he is ready for the pro bowl...don't get me wrong. However if you truly break down the game you will see several very solid blocks from Parry. Will a fullback win every battle..of course not, your dreaming if you think that is the case. However Parry has many more solid plays than bad ones. He is a smarter player than Tapeh as well, when plays break down tapeh becomes a deer in headlights whereas Parry looks to make up ground, does he always manage to execute perfectly..of course not but if he did I am sure the haters would continue to bitch. Understand the game before you comment on the details. The You seem to focus on one play where Parry got knocked backward but seem to overlook several plays where he blew his assignment off the line. Parry is a solid role player who knows the offense and opens up holes more often than not. Fullback is an overlooked and under appreciated position but its seems ironic how high some of you are on Tapeh when he has proven what exactly? that he is not durable, that apparently the coaches do not consider him a first teamer...they must be not paying attention.

Now for my personal opinion...
You have a player who seems to work his ass off and stays completely devoted to the fans whi in turn berate him because he is not one of the few star fullbacks in the game. Nice...Parry fulfills his assignments and players like Mahe run into his back instead of using the lane Parry has created...i.e. the browns game goal line play.
If you go back and look at the tape Parry and Ritchie are very similar, Parry does not have the experience built up yet but he is becoming more and more solid, so for those of you who seem to think Parry should be cut for Tapeh or whatever other superstar fullback is sitting at home waiting for a phone call, this is not an allstar team. We have some stars and then we have role players and sometimes you have to look past your own self righteous and obviously ignorant critique of details you have somehow overlooked. Pull up stats and you'll see that McNabb is far below many QBs who you wouldn't trade for even for a waterboy. Watch the tape not the numbers. watch how many yards westbrook gets behind parry as opposed to Tapeh. I would rather have a full time fullback than a half ass fullback who can carry for a yard or two against first team defenses. I think when the wind blows Tapeh sprains a muscle. Now I am not a Parry Fan club member but ui am an eagles fan and I am sick of toll booth / grocery clerk / doormen spitting on the players who make no demands and just bust their ass for the team and city.

Maybe you should give us your work address so we can come and critique your skills lifting the garbage bags into the truck and make comments that there must be a better guy for th job.

Show some pride for the role players who bust their ass and receive no praise for it.

Josh Parry is solid and of course needs to continue to improve but he will and shows durability, toughness, and heart. Eagles fans wanted a superstar wide receiver and so we got owens who in turn shit on the city and fans and you were the ones who praised him. I want a championship the same as the next eagle me... but bashing the players who leave their heart on the field for minimun pay and maximum sacrifice is not just classless, it shows a shallow faith in your team.

So for your responses on my post here...lets address the superbowl play where Josh was knocked back or (blown up as you say) You seem to dismiss the fact that Fraley missed his assignment on that particular play. hmmm...But your right Parry should be held accountable for blunders by the O lone.

Sometimes looking beyond the horse blinders actually acentuates the game.

By the way for the wife/mother comment...I am not either nor do I have anything invested in Parry.

1:09 PM EDT  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow! I cannot believe Parry has so many local family members. Who'd ever think that this guy would cause such ruckus on the site.

Listen, no one is saying Parry is a bad guy. In fact he's probably a sweetheart, the type of guy I'd want my daughter to marry. However, he simply isn't fast enough as a runner, sure-handed enough as a receiver or consistent enough as a blocker. He isn't. Look at the tape and you'll always see he's a step slow. There are better fullback options out there. Your hockey player role player argument assumes you need to pay league minimum to some guys when in fact you can get a player who, while maybe only slightly, is a better athlete and blocker than Parry and not break the bank. It's not even Parry's fault. Parry was a converted LB, not an RB. Wouldn't you be better off with a hammer who has played the position all his life vs.a guy who got cut as an LB who then returned as a FB? I think you would. Accuse me of being a trashman or an insensitive clod, but I stand by Mean Guy and the fact that Parry is one of the top two worst players on their starting O and D. I do watch him a lot. I saw some nice blocks this pre season but I also see a slowish guy who whiffs a lot and who is not any form of offensive weapon. We can upgrade there.


10:23 PM EDT  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

where are Gocong and Sean Barber? Also, I heard G Cobb say today that Gaffney is a definite cut-he is not part of either the 3 or the 4 man WR rotation and he cannot play special teams. That is as disappointing as Baskett has been pleasantly surprising.


10:27 PM EDT  
Anonymous Feero99 said...

Actually I am not a family member nor am I a friend but I do appreciate the players who role play, and if there was a better option out there where and who is it...Tapeh who has proven he cannot block and has not proven to stay healthy? Parry doesn't need to have RB speed, I have watched some of the best FBs in the league and many of the best were slow off the mark. Role playing has nothing to do about league pay by the way. I have no idea if Parry is a nice guy off the field and do not care. The guy plays tough and is a better option than anything else we have. Maybe Spach..thats a joke. If you have actually wayched parry you will see him get his assignment 90 percent of the time. There are not better options..there simply not. I have no affiliation with Josj Parry but to appreciate players not like Owens. FBs need strength not speed, they are nopt receivers and they need not be rbs that is why we west, moats, etc. Very few teams in the nfl use the FB for anything other than blocking. If in fact Parry is not an nfl caliber player why then do the eagles (one of the most successful franchises over the last 5 years) continuie to start him? I realize all of you know more than the front office and coaches but follow the logic...Ritchie ( a high price overated FB who never ran the ball in the eagles offense..remember that point...never ran the ball. Had mediocre hands and apparently could not beat Parry out for the starting job. So we look to see who is available...Sorry only so many Neals, Alstotts, etc out there so we try and build from within and draft a bust in Tapeh with a glass body who has no grasp of the offense, he misses his assignments the majority of the time. He has a couple decent runs against 3rd and 4th team Defenses and people masturbate in unison. He is a horrible blocker who has no ability to rebound from a broken play and this comes against 4th team guys. So we look at free agency...Didn't see any pro bowlers sitting waiting for a phone call...did you? so we bring in an unknow..Davis...well he is unknown for a reason, he likes to run into his O line instead of blocking. Which brings us to Parry, a guy who yes was converted because coaches saw a role player that not only had intelligence but heart. It took him a few seasons to make the transition but is beginning to come into his own. He rebounds well and has strength. Remember he is fighting off DE most of the tome that have broken through guys the size of Runyon. He has many more solid plays once again than missed assignments...go watch the games. Watch his reactions and assignments...he picks them up..he doesn't need to blow them off the line and he does keep them away frpom Mcnabb, all the time? of course not who does. He catches the ball 90 percent of the time which is more than most of our receivers over the last 4 years. But his job is not to make big plays in the receiving game nor the running game. Parry his twice as strong as Spach, smarter than Tapeh, and Davis...please. Agree with mean guy all you want but you'll just be as wrong as he is.

Do you actually read what I write or do you look for loop holes to argue, I am not a friend or a family member...anyone who agrees with me is a family member? then you must be Tapeh's little brother. I stated I was not but the reasoning you guys present is redundant. I am not stating Parry to be a pro bowl player but he is solid and is improving. Give some alternate options instead of stating he is the worst. Wasn't it Mcnabb who threw 4 INTs in the superbowl but we are not ready to release him. Give the guy a break he has done a good job and deserves more than broken untelligible babble because you would rather have Tony Richardson or Moose from Dallas days. Go back and watch the play against the browns where Mahe ran into Parry's back after Parry blew up his assignment leaving a wide open gap for a TD and Mahe runs into parry instead of using the lane parry had created. hmmm...find a hobby that doesn't involve putting a player down that does not hold the team up for more money or self the field the guy might be a prick but all I know is that he is a player on the field. who was in front of West during the raider game while West was eating up yards...a guy who cannot block or a guy creating space by making his assignments.

11:49 PM EDT  
Blogger The Mean Guy said...

If in fact Parry is not an nfl caliber player why then do the eagles (one of the most successful franchises over the last 5 years) continuie to start him? I realize all of you know more than the front office and coaches but follow the logic

for the same reason that the birds started charles johnson/torrence small and james thrash/todd pinkston as their starting wideout combos. i don't happen to know what those reasons are, but they do have a history of starting sub-standard players in positions they feel are not critical -- wideout, fullback, linebacker, center.

for the same reason they carry stephen spach on the roster.

i'm not sure why, but they do. big red knows what he's doing, but it doesn't mean that he's a) infallible or b) that i can't have an opinion about it.

11:59 PM EDT  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I don't remember saying Tapeh was the answer. Let me look back through my response to you...nope, never said that. For the record, you aren't the only person on the planet with a TV and the ability to focus on one player during the game. I have been watching Parry closely because he is IMO the second worst player on this team and you are only as strong as your weakest player. I have seen a few decent blocks and I actually posted that, but I've also been seeing more of the same old stuff-ole blocks, failure to even get in the way of blitzers, etc. Not sure what games you've been watching, maybe the John Madden 2007 football Josh Parry edition. He is not a good NFL fullback. Give you options? How about I'd take the starting FB on any other team over him. I am not exaggerating. That is 31 right there.

I know, I know. I'm stupid, I have no clue what I'm talking about, I'm a Thomas Tapeh jock sniffer. Bring on the insult laced response. That's what you do best.


11:01 AM EDT  
Blogger The Big Dog said...

Wow....who the hell wrote the love of Josh Parry up there? It was decent arguments....very good actually....this was almost like smart guy vs. smart guy in a Cyber Space type down.....

7:58 AM EDT  

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