Sunday, August 20, 2006

Ongoing Simon Misconception

in his article today on jeremiah trotter, sal paolantonio writes this garbage:

Of course, this being the NFL, talk doesn't go far. Teams have to have the horses. And, in the offseason, the Eagles' brain trust -- team president Joe Banner, general manager Tom Heckert and Reid -- tried to repair two catastrophic mistakes made by management last season: allowing defensive tackle Corey Simon to marinate at home in a contract dispute and then releasing him; and deciding that defensive end Derrick Burgess was not worth a heavy financial investment.

Simon left for Indianapolis and made a significant contribution to the Colts' defense.
this misrepresentation continues to be presented by (of course) cataldi and his crew and now sal paolantonio. let's first agree on one point:


last season, corey made this "significant contribution" to the colts' defense - 26 solo tackles and nine assists. that's it. zero sacks in a one gap defense and values penetration above gap control. corey's job was to get sacks, not stuff the run. this is why, despite his "significant contributions", corey is being benched this season and the colts are moving raheem brock inside.

dumping corey's lard ass was a good move last season for two reasons: a) HE SUCKED LAST SEASON, so he would have made no impact on the team and b) if the birds had kept him, they probably wouldn't have wanted to dump more money into that position and draft bunkley.

these football writers don't even watch the damn games.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Had they kept Simon, they may also not have played Patterson as much. Patterson is a stud and that PT last year is already showing. He looks fast and aware and makes a ton of things happen on the other side of the LOS. They also wouldn't have gotten Bunkley. Simon vs. a seasoned Patterson and Bunkley is a non debate in my book. Simon was always fat and never made an impast until week 8 or 9. These 2 new DT are hungry and active already. Sal Pal and Cataldi are both idiots.

Burgess had a monster 2005 no doubt, but he was a Faberge egg in Philly and at some point you need to cut bait. When they cut McDougle, and they should cut McDougle, he may go elsewhere and shine. That's fine. That's football. Howard will be way better in Philly than he ever was in Nawlins due to a better system with better players around him. No issue on those 2 fronts.

Now don't get me talking about the poor non decisions to never bring in starting caliber players for Lb (Will Witherspoon, Arrington, Antonio Pierce, someone who can make plays at LB). Those non moves were all terrible.


10:07 PM EDT  
Anonymous Phil said...

They've also brought in some good LBs in the past (Barber 1st time around, Kirkland). Just think they're hit rate is a little lower than other positions. You could also call it the WR position of the defense. Johnson's focus is on the line and secondary. Tough to fault his results.

9:13 AM EDT  
Blogger The Big Dog said...

Not to pick, but when they brought Kirkland in, he was a donut shy of 3 bills and had the speed of the Slowski's. I think the line, hopefully, over-compensates for it. There philosophy is just that LBs aren't nearly as pivotal in their scheme is defensive lineman and db's. LBs need to make tackles, not big plays. Can't necessarilly totally disagree with's a similar approach that Dallas had in the 90s, stud defensive line, competent quick LBs. Except that McCoy is no Darrin Smith.

9:37 AM EDT  
Blogger The Mean Guy said...

it's a similar approach that Dallas had in the 90s, stud defensive line, competent quick LBs. Except that McCoy is no Darrin Smith.

you're dead on with the comparison to dallas, i think. i don't recall a single dallas LB making the probowl during the mid-90's. the biggest star at LB for them was probably ken norton, but they let him walk in a similar way that the eagles let trotter walk the first time.

my only disagreement is with your mccoy/smith comparison. mccoy may well be exactly darrin smith. smith played for the eagles after leaving the cowboys and i remember him being nothing special. very fast, but couldn't take on blocks, got lost from time to time, and not a big hitter.

9:49 AM EDT  
Blogger The Big Dog said...

I just kind of picked a LB out of the air and threw it in as a comparison. I remember Smith as a competent LB, nothing special. Quick, did what he had to do...but that line....oh man...Casillas, Leon Lett, Maryland....Charles Ray Rhodes would say, they made plays.

I think that the Eagles mold themsleves after that team. In a bizarro world way....massive offensive line...remember how good that line was....Mark Tuinei, Nate Newton, Stepnoski, a young Larry Allen....quick defensive line...good secondary....good QB who didn't lose games for you....that's where it ends....oh man, if Westbrook could stay healthy and Parry could block consistently....Novacek was a huge player on that team...when he had back problems is when they started to slip as they couldn't replace him. LJ could be that player....if only their receivers were Alvin Harper and Michael Irvin.

I despise Jimmy Johnson, but his philosophy was to have a good defensive line and a stud QB....have to admit I do like Moose and Troy Aikman and think that they are the best 2 color analysts in football

10:30 AM EDT  
Blogger The Big Dog said...

What the hell is up with the "makes plays in space" comment? I guess I know what it means....makes people miss or makes tackles while in a one on one situation....shouldn't another euphemism be...does his job or is elusive....or is competent. Just another example of a Kiperism...big bubble, makes plays in space, has a good core....yuck!!

What happened do the days when players would play their hearts out for 60 minutes, would tear up their fat or slim (250 lb lineman) bodies and get back in the locker room and smoke a butt? Like the 1970s Raiders teams....

I guess Kiper would say...good heart, metabolically challenged, and needed respiratory stimulation in the form of nicotine as a post-game cool down.

10:44 AM EDT  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm sorry, but Josh Parry is playing like an all-star. I'm not sure what you guys are seeing, but it sure ain't what I am.

10:58 AM EDT  
Blogger The Mean Guy said...

methinks someone's just being mischievious now...

11:20 AM EDT  
Anonymous Josh Parry (deceased) said...


1:53 PM EDT  

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