Thursday, August 17, 2006

Preseason Game 3 Thoughts

the first real test of the preseason tonight against a tough, rebuilt ravens team.

- ravens are going to be for real this season i think. having mcnair is a huge upgrade over boller and it looks like their o-line is going to be good enough to keep him healthy. eagles first team d-line was getting little penetration tonight and that impacted their ability to both stop the run and stop the pass. jamal lewis was hammering out 4-6 yard runs and 3 step drops were enabling mcnair to get the ball out before the pass rush could get to him. the ravens offense dinked and dunked and just controlled the ball in the first half. time of possession was sick as the birds d couldn't get off the field. not a great night for the first team d.

- mcnair to derrick mason was a terrific combo at tennessee and it looks like they haven't missed a beat. ravens fans are going to like watching them operate.

- big red rolls out a a no-huddle offense! love it, love it, love it. he's trusting someone else with the keys to the offense, which is an interesting shift, and the focus on the no huddle is going to help the birds two minute drill.

- on the second play of the game, the franchise scrambled out of the pocket for a short gain and the season flashed before my eyes as he got caught in a horsecollar tackle. i literally jumped out of my seat. it could have been disastrous. yikes!

- overall, i thought mcnabb played just ok. the first team receivers didn't seem like they were getting open, so don had to float some deep balls, but he wasn't overly accurate early in the game. still, the first team scored 10 points offense against the ravens d and didn't even look in sync.

- it was nice to see buck back in the lineup. he ran pretty hard tonight, but i didn't see him try to make any hard cuts. it also didn't look like he was at full speed yet either. the old buck would have taken that shovel pass all the way in for a TD.

- jr reed running first team at both kr and pr. is he a lock to make the team at this point? especially with bloom likely to end up on IR/PUP and dexter wynn playing himself off the team?

- at the risk of offending the josh parry fan club. i'd like to note that he completely blew the block on mcnabb's touchdown pass to mahe. had it not been for mcnabb's athleticism, that play would have been a sack or a throw away.

- detmer played himself off the roster tonight and tim chang actually looked ok. a thought occurred to me tonight as i was watching detmer's horrible performance. he hasn't been the same player since his ulgy elbow dislocation against the niners. prior to that injury, detmer actually had some moxie and could play just a little (e.g. remember the groin slapping battle he got into with brett favre). he was also able to stand in against a rush and make the pass. he can't/won't do that any more. he's too afraid to get hit and that's making him completely ineffective anymore. i'll miss having the world's largest neck beard on the team.

- eagles second team o-line sucks right now. big time. they were absolutely pathetic tonight. not a single guy on that line was blocking anybody. sieve doesn't begin to describe them.

- preseason is another opportunity to see what a difference maker brian dawkins is. on the musa smith touchdown run, considine had the last shot at him and whiffed on the tackle. considine is a good young player, but there is no way he would have scored if that was dawkins.

- gaffney made several catches. maybe he's going to make the team.

- matt ware made a nice play on a throw to the goal line and just as i was thinking maybe the birds might consider keeping him over quentin mikell, ware horribly misplayed a long TD pass.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

As they do not show Eagles preseaon games in Germany, I was wondering how much the Eagles D blitzed tonight. In the past Johnson blitzed very little, if at all, during the preseason, and I was wondering whether that had something to do with the 1st Ds performance.


3:13 AM EDT  
Blogger The Mean Guy said...

unfortunately, it seemed to me that the birds d blitzed quite a bit and still didn't really get to mcnair (though i wasn't paying as close attention as i would have in the regular season). the combination of quick passes and great o-line made it a tough night for the first team pass rushers.

8:46 AM EDT  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

best line from Profootballtalk;

The Cowboys have acquired WR Charlie Adams from the Broncos for an undisclosed draft pick. (In an unrelated development, Cowboys coach Bill Parcells has a new name for T.O. -- "Undisclosed Draft Pick.")

- Joe

10:44 AM EDT  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Birds blitzed more once it was obvious that straight up rush wasn't getting it done. Ravens did blitz every single play. I realize that's what they do, but at some point why show your entire defensive playbook in the pre season? Teams can adjust to you in August..maybe that's why they're 0-4 in openers the last 4 years.

By the by, whoever said Frahley could play guard needs to watch last night's game. He got bull rushed and really ruined several running plays with his problems holding point of attack. He should be cut and keep Adrian Clarke. In his defense, I thought all Eagle C and G played like pussies last night. Kelly Gregg looks like Reggie White every time he plays the Birds. He just annihilated Jackson, Herremans, and even Andrews. Castillo better get back to the basics after that ass whuppin'.

Pete, I saw the ole block by Parry on the TD to Mahe and was hoping everyone noticed how a lack of speed and toughness can cause things to blow up badly.


1:35 PM EDT  
Blogger DO in San Mateo said...

Detmer's fate was sealed last year. Barring some sort of surprise, the Eagles were set to send him on his way long ago, but wanted to give him every opportunity to prove them wrong. He's not doing it. He can't move the team.

Likewise, the decision to keep Gaffney was made when they signed him (again, barring anything unexpected). The Eagles are always careful to do their homework, to think things through, and to give the plan a chance to work itself out. Gaffney's got a while before the clock starts ticking on him, and I wouldn't discount his chances of excelling - he's a proven NFL starter.

3:38 PM EDT  
Blogger Matador said...

I didn't see the game against the Ravens (wasn't on TV here) so I can't comment on how anyone played beyond what I read in the paper. But Bumble, I think your argument for Clarke over Fraley is moot since Clarke just had season ending surgery. Andy is running out of O-lineman with all the injuries which increases Hank's value. He'll be here this season as a veteran back-up and then leave town via free agency.

I struggle with Detmer or Chang. I'm leaning more towards Detmer staying as he brings consistency to the field goal unit and I'm not sure what Timmy Chang has done to play himself onto the team. I think they've both been inept so far meaning Detmer's experience and specialist role breaks the tie.

4:48 PM EDT  
Anonymous Bumble said...

I like to hang from your nuts! I am riveted by your every word and think you should be coaching the Eagles. If they listened to you, they would totally have beaten the patriots!

p.s. I love you

11:04 PM EDT  
Anonymous Bumble said...

I know I dont have to say who that last comment was for but I just wanted to say I love you again pete! You had me at hello!

1:05 AM EDT  
Blogger The Mean Guy said...

stop it. you're gonna make me blush big fella.

7:51 PM EDT  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Feeling kinda creepy that someone is using my tag name in a chat room discussing the Birds. OK Pete, I hope you know that drivel wasn't me.

Feeling very creeped out. Hard to do to me. Nicely done which ever duechebag perpetrated that move. I tip my cap.

The real Bumble

8:54 PM EDT  
Blogger The Mean Guy said...

lol. that made my day.

9:06 PM EDT  

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