Friday, July 28, 2006

David Bell Gone

woo hoo! pat gillick finally gets started dismantling the mess that head wade made.

david bell sent to milwaukee for wilfredo laureano. these are his numbers for the single a west virginia power:

3 2 4.1 29 1 63.2 54 32 29 8 36 62

one down, burrell, abreau, lieberthal, lieber, lidle, and rhodes to go.



Blogger Bumble said...

Yes Bell is gone, that's great. However, I am not ready to annoint Pat Gillick as the savior of this stool sample of a franchise. Let's remember that his "key" off season acquisitions have been Arthur "walk em all" Rhodes, Sal "porn star" Fasano, and Ryan "long ball" Franklin. All are complete and utter failures. Let's also recognize that he won't change the true core of this rotten mess by ridding himself of Burrel and Abreu at all costs. He is getting way too much of a free ride after Ed Wade. This guy failed to get pitching, failed to get rid of obvious holes in the line up, failed to inject himself into baseball decisions when it was obvious that his bumpkin manager couldn't do so, and failed to fire Charlie in April when they still had a prayer of being successful. This team is 3rd worst ina heinous National League with a $95 million payroll. they are the Devil Rays of the NL. I don't blame it all on Pat-ownership is just horrible-but he ain't doin' much to turn this around.

12:20 PM EDT  
Blogger The Mean Guy said...

i don't blame any of it on pat gillick. you can't change a turd into filet mignon no matter how many spices you add to it.

yes, he didn't get pitching, but who could he have gotten? i can't name anyone they could have afforded without shedding the bloated head wade contracts littered throughout the team.

i submit that there is not a single GM alive who could have turned the team that gillick inherited into a playoff team. unless that guy had pictures of the other GMs in compromising positions.

i guess you can say it's skillful negotiating to get someone to take your overpaid castoffs and give you quality in return, but in practice i think it's more luck than skill. that type of deal is based more on having a sucker on the other side.

like it or not, this team is not going anywhere until it gets to the point where you are not *wasting* 30-40% of your payroll on deadweight players.

i guess you can blame pat gillick for not getting rid of them yet, but i'd like to see what people think pat could realistically have done.

5:40 PM EDT  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Pat Gillick can win me over if he gets Phil Hughes for Bobby Abreu. If he can get the Yankees to take "The Bat" (gag) as a throw in he'll be my hero.

Get yound pitching and be patient. Pitching, pitching, pitching.


6:57 PM EDT  
Blogger The Mean Guy said...

i'm with ben.

9:56 PM EDT  
Blogger The Mean Guy said...

Pat Gillick can win me over if he gets Phil Hughes for Bobby Abreu.

sorry, ben. ny daily news is reporting that pat has no shot at phil hughes:

9:56 AM EDT  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Don't give up just yet. Funny things happen as the deadline nears. My guess is that they Yankees are more desperate to get Abreu than the Phillies are to give him up. Winning is important to the Yankees. It wouldn't kill Philly to keep Abreu.

If Gillick trades Bobby for Procter, he should have his head examined. We need starting pitching. You go out and get relievers whenever, unless you're talking about a premier closer (who is a luxury for anything other than a contending team).

The article you reference has me losing faith in Gillick by the second.


10:24 AM EDT  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Pat Gillick sucks. He needed to get alot more than salary relief in dumping Abreu and Lidle.

At least I'll get to see the Thunder stay together. I was at their 4-3 victory over Akron today. Phil Hughes looked great on the bench.

My son got to throw out the first pitch. I doubt any of the players the Phillies picked up today will ever get that far.

The Phillies better use the $30 million to pick up something more than scrubs and role players. I imagine that Pat has some sort of plan. Let's see how it turns out. Other legitimate contenders around the league must be throwing darts at picture of Pat tonight.

Egad, what a steal for the Yankees. I can't believe they convinced that idiot Gillick that they wouldn't have ponied up Phil Hughes when push came to shove.

This is a sad day for Philadelphia.


7:29 PM EDT  
Blogger bumble said...

I know you have been speaking this name for weeks, but the Yanks were not parting with Hughes Ben. The FAN has been talking about this for weeks as well. The Yanks apparently view Hughes as the future of their rotation and are tired of losing so much talent in trades. This demand apparently closed the door on this trade earlier in the week. In the end, it is more important to deep six Abreu and his apathetic, stat mongering, small time performance in big situations. Shake this team up. I don't know what they got in return, but in the end I don't care. Abreu was a loser. He'll fare well in NYC with 0 pressure, but he was doomed to be booed as a loser in Philly. If Gillick is able to find a sucker for Pat Burrell, I may 180 my criticism of him and consider him a genius. Think about it, they could enter next year minus Bell, Abreu, Burrell, and Lieby. That is truly a step in the right direction.

8:35 PM EDT  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I realize it's a good thing to get rid of Abreu and Lidle, but minus the salary relief, the Phils basically got nothing in return. Was this REALLY the best deal we could get? The Yankees are over the moon about the trade 'cause they got everything they needed. Would they not have given up anything besides some minor leaguers that may never even see a day of play in the majors?


8:53 AM EDT  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


With all due respect, people don't tell even the FAN the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth when in the midst of trade talks.

Please tell me you undestood the irony of Cashman's saying he suckered Gillick into including Lidle because he was tired of "giving up players" in trades?


8:33 PM EDT  

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