Friday, July 28, 2006

New Pro Football League

seems like a bunch of colleges are getting together to form a spring pro-football league.

i'm all for more pro-football -- upstart leagues are 1-1 in terms of entertainment, 1 win for usfl, 1 loss for the horrible xfl -- but this appears a little unseemly to me... and an obvious money grab from the colleges to get a piece of the pro-football pie.

also, what is with the college degree requirement? that stipulation makes it obvious to me that this is not an attempt to create a minor league football system, as they are passing this off to be. this is a pre-emptive strike *against* any potential future minor league system -- which might threaten the existence of college football (see minor league baseball/college baseball).

i guess everyone needs to protect their turf, but shouldn't the bastions of academic integrity who are so concerned about academics that they won't implement a much needed college playoff system worry more about the business of educating and less about the business of pro-football?



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Will the players be allowed to pick their own jersey monikers? Has anyone ever topped Mr. Smart's "He Hate Me?"

9:30 PM EDT  
Blogger The Mean Guy said...

that will never be topped.

10:35 PM EDT  

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