Friday, July 14, 2006

The Good Hands Team

here is the list of receivers with the highest drop percentage from last season (according to kc joyner, the "football scientist"):

Player Team Drops Drop %
Ernest Wilford Jacksonville 13 19.10%
Justin McCareins NY Jets 16 16.70%
Reggie Brown Philadelphia 13 16.30%
Roy Williams Detroit 13 14.60%
Brian Finneran Atlanta 11 14.30%
Erron Kinney Tennessee 10 14.10%
Antonio Bryant Cleveland 16 13.90%
M. Muhammad Chicago 18 13.60%
Greg Lewis Philadelphia 13 12.90%
Eddie Kennison Kansas City 14 12.80%
Randy McMichael Miami 12 12.00%
L.J. Smith Philadelphia 12 11.80%
Alge Crumpler Atlanta 13 11.50%
Mark Clayton Baltimore 9 11.30%
Donte' Stallworth New Orleans 14 11.20%
Chris Chambers Miami 17 11.00%
Todd Heap Baltimore 11 10.40%
Terrell Owens Philadelphia 9 10.20%
Plaxico Burress NY Giants 17 10.20%
Ben Troupe Tennessee 8 10.10%

all i can say is... yikes.

on a positive note, donnie franchise was best among the leagues full time starters in kc's metric on lowest bad decision percentage (tom brady was second among full time starters). so even in his injury ruined season, he was usually making good decisions just unable to make the plays... of course when he did make the plays the receivers dropped the ball.



Anonymous Phil said...

Welcome back. Think I saw Football Outsiders say the Iggles were #2 overall as a team. 5 has always been very good with the football. A novelty for QBs in this town.

4:25 PM EDT  
Anonymous dan said...

Donnie Mac usually misses low, which ensures the ball wont be picked off, and is conservative to the point of underleading receivers (an overlead often results in an INT as well). This just basically confirms what alot of us knew, that Donnie Mac is a great system quarterback, who if he gets his athleticism back will be special. I dont mind his lack of accuracy, because again he misses in the RIGHT PLACE>

its eagles season peter!

11:01 PM EDT  

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