Thursday, July 06, 2006

Peter King Feedback

egad, how does this guy keep his job? i learned nothing from his article on 10 things he'd change if he could be commissioner. i received no entertainment from reading it. it was literally a waste of my time... i wish i could bill him for it.
1.Expand the regular season to 18 games: Cut the preseason to two games, and expand the regular season by two.
eh, might not be a bad idea, but as he mentions, the salary impact is not an insignificant issue. the bigger issue is that it will make staying healthy an even more important factor toward a superbowl victory, and in my mind, that means it tilts the scale toward luck and away from skill. no thanks, i'll pass. what the nfl really should do is just eliminate 2 preseason games. 16 regular season games is plenty.
2. Pass a bylaw prohibiting playoff expansion
this is a seriously stupid suggestion and a waste of time. not because i think the notion of expanding the playoffs is good (it's not), but because the idea of legislating against the possibility of future legislation is ridiculous. like we don't have enough freaking rules out there. if king ruled the world we'd have a law that said theft is illegal and a number of follow up laws saying that it's illegal to try to pass a law to legalize theft. what a dumbass.
3. Make long field goals more valuable
i'm aghast. there already is a game where kicking the ball is *very* valuable, dude. in fact, they've been playing their superbowl for several weeks now. go watch that and leave football alone. if anything, we should move toward eliminating field goals altogether. the world, and football, would be better for it.
4. Take NFL Sunday Ticket off the dish and put it on digital cable
good job, peter. you're a genius. i'm sure it took you all day to think of that one.
5. Stop the love affair with Los Angeles
right... because new orleans, jacksonville, arizona, houston, tennessee, and atlanta are chock full of rabid fans, no? LA supported their football teams no worse than these places, peter.
6. Put more mikes on players and officials, and put the game on a seven-second delay
three letters: X-F-L
7. Let players wear the numbers of their choice -- with an asterisk
what the f*ck, peter? this cracks your top ten list of things wrong with the nfl? seriously? seriously? could an issue be less significant? the charity spin makes it seem like a good thing to do, but do you really think there is a market for this? 20 players paying that kind of money? i don't see it and i see this for what it, you continuing to stump for reggie bush.
8. Prohibit the moving of the Saints for five years
eh, i'm down with that. i don't want to go to hell.
9. Put two computer chips in the football, and make the goal line, in essence, capable of sending a signal when the football touches the plane of the goal line: Let's just call this "The Ben Roethlisberger Rule."
hey genius, a football is a three dimensional object. what happens when the ball turns sideways? or rolls over? ok, so maybe you've never taken physics and you're not "tech savvy", but you do know what a football looks like, right? couldn't you have said "some" computer chips? why cite a specific number? you'd have been better off saying something like, "i think we should imbue footballs with free will and then just ask it whether or not it crossed the line." at least i'd have gotten some entertainment out of it.
10. Make the Super Bowl the best two out of three: Ha! Made you look. Just kidding. I may be commissioner, but I'm not that stupid.
yep. this is our peter king, demigod of football writers.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Is there a press conference where this moron puppet is going to be? I say we do a little road trip bum rush him with intelligent questions in front of cameras. My bet is he curls up like Gutter in PCU.....

- Joe

9:56 AM EDT  
Blogger The Big Dog said...

Pete, great feedback on your part. I guess it goes to show that you don't have to know the sport to write about it...Eskin doesn't know anything and look how successful he's become.

I think that they need to get a team in LA just because. No other reason than that. Big market.

If I were commissioner I would allow celebrations and taunting, have mandatory steroid testing similar to baseball (even if they do, how do some guys pass, this league is full of juicers and I'm not convinced that steroids hasn't caused many ACL/MCL issues), cut down pre-season by 2 games (but don't make the season longer), and may consider having the "best" teams make the play-offs. Last year the NFC was a sham and good times in the AFC like KC and San Diego missed out while some dogs in the NFC made the play-offs.

That's about it, I think it's a pretty solid league and the best sport in the world. The way contracts are, NFL players are regular shlubs like me and need to be good every year or they get cut. Contracts are almost year to year and employment at makes the league competitive and you can be good quickly (or bad)....

11:22 AM EDT  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hilarious feedback to king's top ten. Seriously, I'm sitting here laughing outloud.
I'm all for Joe's bum rush plan...

12:45 PM EDT  
Anonymous Phil said...

I'd focus my efforts on expanding replay to include penalties and improving the technology to cut down the time it takes to review a play. For instance, why does the ref have to spend 60 seconds walking waaaaaaay over to the side of the field? Can't we get them handhelds with wireless connectivity? Don't we have the technology? Give the ref the time within the play clock to decide whether a play is under review and then force them to make a decision within 60 seconds from that time. Arguably you could have 4-5x the number of replays per game without lengthening the game at all if you time them with commercial breaks.

1:34 PM EDT  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Any thoughts on the Phillies' trade rumors of late? We all know that there have been talks about moving Abreu. How 'bout that the word is that the Phils would most like to trade away Burrell? Also, that there is no chance that Manuel will be fired at the all-star break. What direction is this team gonna be headed in after the break??


5:18 PM EDT  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

did anyone watch the home run derby last night? maybe it's silly to be impressed by it, but howard put on a pretty sweet show. wright was all the talk this morn for his first round performance, but in the end howard took the win with steady power balls in every round. now here's hoping that howard doesn't go the same way last year's derby winner went...

9:56 AM EDT  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think the all-star game and the derby are silly. They don't do anything to help anyone's career, or the team. I've never been into wathing people showboat. And people hitting meatballs into a river is definitely showboating....

- Joe

10:09 AM EDT  
Blogger The Big Dog said...

Okay, the Sixers have finally unloaded the dreadful Johnny Salmons who was a total stiff. I can't believe the money he got. Is anyone sick and frigging tired of this indecision and slop? Billy King was going to change the climate but can't make a's what I would Webber and Dalembert....keep AI for the rest of his career as you are not going to get anything worthwhile for him. Try to trade Webber and get role players for him. Never, ever, ever talk about trading Iverson again. You have some role players now (Korver, who's only a role player, Randolph, Willie Green who I actually like) and some young athletic guys (AI#2, the #1 draft pick, Bobby Jones #2)...get some athletic role players for Webber, eat some of his contract if you have to, move Dalembert for something similar (or keep him, I would rather deep six Webber)and make this team focused around Iverson and athletic role players like in 2001....beef up their defense...I am just sick of this indecision with this team.

7:50 AM EDT  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Big dog. It seems like you're just happy with duct taping the team, not rebuilding. From what I can see that's what's going on anyway. The team they're getting is still not going to be a championship team, so why keep AI? Why not start fresh and try to build something for 2-3 years down the road? Am I the only person who beleives in doing their job right the first time?

- Joe

1:32 PM EDT  

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