Thursday, June 29, 2006

Sixers Draft

some info on the sixers draft collected from various internet sites.

1. Rodney Carney
Birthday: 4/5/1984
NBA Postion: SG/SF
College: Memphis
Class: Senior
Ht: 6-6
Wt: 204
Int Team: N/A
Hometown: ndianapolis, IN
High School: Northwest

NBA Comparison: Richard Jefferson

Strengths: Highlight reel waiting to happen... One of the most athletic players in all of college basketball... Jump shot has improved... Big upside... Long and lean... Very versatile... Great elevation on jumper which is nearly impossible to block... Confident... Good poise... Pesky defender... Blankets defenders with his long arms and quick feet... Anticipates well and plays the passing lanes for steals... Really gets up and grabs rebounds... Excellent speed and quickness... Few in this draft can match Carney’s physical attributes... He has prototypical size and length for an NBA swingman, with a solid frame... What makes him most intriguing, though, is his incredible athletic ability... Carney has an outstanding combination of amazing quickness in the open floor, a fantastic first step, and possibly the best vertical leap in college basketball... He simply explodes off the floor from unheard of distances and glides to the basket for creative dunks... His perimeter shooting stroke is a thing of beauty, as he’s able to elevate get his shot off almost whenever he pleases, and he has deep range and picture-perfect mechanics... Defensively, Carney improved significantly this past season and features all the tools to be a lock-down defender.

Weaknesses: His biggest issue is the lack of ball-handling skills and possibly the motivation to take his man off the dribble and create high-percentage shots... While Carney improved his defense in his senior year, it still tends to fluctuate depending on his offensive production... Needs to add strength, put time in the weight room and bulk up some... Can be prone to taking bad shots at times Forces shots... Must become better at handling the ball and creating offense for himself... Settles with the outside shot instead of trying to get something easier... Lacks great vision and passing ability... Needs to shoot with more consistency... Can be too reliant on his athleticism... Needs to get a little tougher on the court... Too right hand dependent, needs to become better at handling with his left hand...

Notes: Indiana State high jump champion in high school clearing 6-feet-11 ... His mother, DeAndra Ware, was the state champion in Indiana High School track and field and held the world record in the 60-yard dash ... Brother of former Tennessee star Ron Slay

2. Bobby Jones
Birthday: 1/9/1984
NBA Postion: SG/SF
College: Washington
Class: Senior
Ht: 6-7
Wt: 211
Int Team: N/A
Hometown: Long Beach, CA
High School: Poly

NBA Comparison: Bruce Bowen

Strengths: Big, athletic guard that can really defend on and off the ball...One of the best defensive shooting guards in college basketball...Tough as nails...Excellent rebounder for his size...Led UofW in rebounding last season...Gifted athlete who runs and jumps with the best of them... Tremendous lateral quickness...Great basketball IQ "Plays within himself" and a motor that doesn't stop... Great in transition and finishes well at the rim... Rapidly improving his jump shot and outside game...Wants the ball in crunch time and hit many big shots for the Huskies...An all out hustler who plays with the kind of intangibles that coaches love.

Weaknesses: Ball handling needs to improve to play the 2 at the next level...Moving without the ball... Free-throw shooting...Often foul prone, may be because of his aggressive defensive style, but still fouls out too often...Needs to continue to improve outside shot... Not enough attempts to determine how well he really shoots from the perimeter yet and does not have NBA range at this time.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

my favorite part of the draft is that the knicks took a second round talent (at best) from south carolina at the 20th spot in the first round. it's just a joke the way that franchise is rolling these days. they had a shot at Marcus Williams and took Ronaldo Balkman instead. excellent choice isiah! this should be another championship season!
Please someone reassure me now that AI isn't gonna get traded to the Celtics. How could the sixers possibly let that happen?


6:50 AM EDT  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


I don't really follow basketball, but as an outsider, I would think the best thing the Sixers could do would be to get rid of AI, in fact like 4 years ago. He's a low class punk who doesn't understand the terms professionalism, team, family values. Of course that seems to be able to be said about most of the NBA, but hey, maybe it's just me. Now I know the NFL and NHL are continually taking hits because of a couple of morons, but I still don't think it's as rampant and the NBA.

- Joe

3:31 PM EDT  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I agree with you least about the moronic, lack-of-values nature of things in a good chunk of the NBA. If we trade AI though, who is the breakout star of the sixers? There is no one on the team that could possibly shoulder that load if AI was gone. If he gets traded, King needs to wise up and bring in some difference making talent. It's just not there right now.


8:57 AM EDT  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

And so you rebuild. Sometimes you have to know when to start over. What they have now isn't going to win a championship. When you realize that, you change things.

- Joe

11:09 AM EDT  
Blogger The Big Dog said...

My whole problem with the Sixers and the Phillies and that they DON'T realize this. There was nothing exciting coming into this Sixers season. Nothing. I've said all along King has gotten an unbelievably large free pass....this team is a disaster. They are years away from being a legitimate contender again. The Phillies are bumbling stumbling (Gillick's pass is starting to fade and ends July 31st), Clarkie has done nothing to exonerate his horrible assessment of the league going into last season, and the Eagles are the only team that I have any confidence in....however, if they don't have a balanced attack, are mediocre again on defense and have no weapons then I think that their arrogance has come to the fore. It is dark days in Philly if you are a die-hard sports fan.

12:51 PM EDT  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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