Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Bunkley Holdout

several stories in the papers about the bunkley situation. the inquirer, daily news, and delco times all ran stories focusing on or mentioning the holdout. the hold up seems to be over the length of the deal -- birds want 6 and wichard wants 5.

i think this is an issue worth monitoring, but not one to be concerned about. defensive fat guy is the least mentally taxing position in JJ's defense and is one that you can come in and contribute immediately. the last fat guy to hold out was little dumpling (i think), and he sacked aikman in his very first snap as a pro.

even if "the thing" ends up missing a big chunk of camp, i don't think it will have a huge negative impact on his effectiveness.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

It may even have a positive impact. Rookies typically flatten out after about 12 games. They're not used to the long season and haven't properly grown their man-muscles. Let him sit out some sun drenched pounding in the interest of maintaining a fresh motor down the stretch. Based on the Eagles schedule - back loaded with tough games - they'll need some help when the weather gets bitter.

Don was sitting up straight during an interview I saw on TV tonight - another good indication that he's ready for a break out season...


10:24 PM EDT  
Blogger The Mean Guy said...

"man-muscles" is my all-time favorite ben-ism.

10:36 PM EDT  

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