Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Love for Larry Brown

yes, i'm a bad person for it, but i can't help enjoying how the devil is finally getting his proverbial due after all these years. i love how LB is getting blamed for the mess in new york and how people are finally wising up to his schtick. yes, he's a great x's and o's coach, but he's a TO in the locker room. a cancer plain and simple.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Check out the pic of the day about T.O. coming to Philly for Christmas....

- Joe

1:20 PM EDT  
Anonymous Phil said...

I like that picture.

FYI. I just reached my breaking point on TO commentary. Not sure why it's taken this long, but I'm burned out. Can't take the monotonous commentary/analysis any more. Frankly, I just don't care anymore.

3:39 PM EDT  

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