Saturday, March 25, 2006

runyan is back

as hoped for/expected, john runyan is coming back to the team. some published reports say he took a little less money to come back than the jets were offering -- which makes sense given that he already made a ton of money with his last free agent contract. why screw around for a few extra dollars and risk playing out your career on a 1-15 team, when you already have more money than you know what to do with anyway?

i'm ecstatic that he is back. the two lines are the biggest problem on the team and this move will help to ensure that mcnabb doesn't spend another season on his rear. plus, we get a few more seasons of watching that fat guy "sprint" out of the tunnel. outstanding!



Anonymous Phil said...

That's almost as good as this:

"Drew Bledsoe told he’s prepared to hear the complaints by newly-signed receiver Terrell Owens about passes in his direction.

“I’m just going to establish right from the start, ‘Hey, I don’t need all the noise and all that stuff. You come to me and give me honest information and I’m going to get you the ball. Give me something to use for the next play,’ ” Bledsoe said. “I’ll make sure he knows that I’m always focused on the next play and not the last play. The noise isn’t going to help us on the next play.

“I’m going to give him his respect and listen to what he has to say. But he’s going to know going in that all the noise is not going to get him the ball more. What’s going to get him the ball more is honest information. That’s all I need.” "

Was Bledsoe not respecting TO? Teee-heeee. I'm getting giddy again.

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