Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Mr. Clutch

some interesting excerpts from baseball between the numbers: why everything you know about the game is wrong are posted on

here is an exceprt about (myth of) clutch hitting. most interesting part of the article? our beloved von hayes is the 25th best clutch hitter since 1972!

next is an excerpt showing how pitching and defense do, in fact, win championships and why billy beane's "sh*t doesn't work in the playoffs."

there's another excerpt with an "analysis" of whether baseball needs a salary cap or not, but i think analyses that use postseason success of teams related to payroll as proof that baseball doesn't need a salary cap are silly and disingenuous. the issue is much more fundamental than that and only requires an answer to one question -- do you want competing teams to play under the same rules or not? it's a simple question.



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