Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Barkley Memories

sir charles made the hall of fame yesterday, prompting several sir charles retrospectives -- jasner, jerardi, aldridge, ford.

here is my "memory" of charles (didn't actually happen to me, but was something pretty neat that he did). in his rookie year, charles lived in the executive house on city line ave. a friend's brother was a doorman in that building and went to work without his coat one day. the day ended up being much colder than he expected, so he was standing outside freezing when charles walked by. charles said, "hey buddy, where's your coat?". my friend's brother said, "forgot it". charles took off his coat and said, "here take mine", and gave him a full length leather coat. that's the kind of person charles was.

i have a tough time thinking that i'll ever enjoy watching any sixer as much as i enjoyed watching charles -- by far my favorite basketball player ever.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hard to argue with you, Pete. Not only was he fun to watch - on and off the court - but he was also made it fun to listen (after the games). No sports cliches, blather or drivel.

As much as I admire AI, as much as I loved Toney, Charles is still my favorite Sixer.

8:46 PM EDT  
Blogger The Mean Guy said...

cb, ai, and toney are probably my three favorites as well.

interestingly, my favorites on the 83 team were doc and moses (obviously). it wasn't until later that i really started to appreciate the fierceness of andrew's game. too bad his career was cut short by injury.

to this day, charles says that andrew toney was the best player he ever played with...

11:23 PM EDT  
Anonymous captain said...

Charles also said in his book that if he was choosing his own team, he wouls choose Andrew Toney over Michael Jordan......what's that tell you ?

1:35 PM EDT  

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