Friday, March 17, 2006

quick friday points

couple of quick friday points:

- jay glazer is reporting that me-o has a deal in place with the sowboys, but rosenbag is denying. mike florio thinks that a deal is, in fact, in place and that they're waiting for jessie james to get back into town to announce. me-o is great, but a) he's not the cowbugs' biggest need (or closest need), b) it won't take much longer than minicamp for him to figure out how much better don is than bledsoe, and c) it will be entertaining to watch the second year depression hit the highboys.

- i like the jabar gaffney signing. i don't think any of the other free agent wideouts this season are much better than gaffney. i would have preferred randle el (because of his versatility), but you can't pay no 1 wideout money for a no 3 guy. you don't need star wideouts to win.

- white-man dreads is out with schobel coming in... gosh i hope they have someone coming in to upgrade parry.

- scarface in 90 seconds



Blogger The Big Dog said...

I dont' want to be the ultimate half glass full Eagles fan, but they have not done anything this off-season that I have not suspected. I actually agree that Gaffney is a decent signing, as is Schoebel, as is Garcia, as is Howard, as is Barber. They are plugging holes that needed to be filled. No, they haven't signed Bentley, Hutchinson or James, but is that what we all wanted after last year's debacle? We wanted Defensive help (Howard is very good), LB upgrades (Barber is), a veteran back-up QB, at least I did (Garcia is and will not be controversial), a complementary TE (Schoebel is), a starting WR (Gaffney is going to be #2 before the season starts) we all agree that they need an upgrade over Dhani Jones, established offensive line and help up the middle on the I think that this off-season is going fine from that perspective!!

10:00 AM EST  
Anonymous Phil said...

I gotta agree with the Big Dog on this one, but I wasn't expecting much on the FA front anyways.

I love Me-O signing with Dallas. I give him less than a year though given QB situation. And how are the fans going to react? He did desecrate their stadium a couple years ago. I bet the fans p!ss him off before the QB situation does. This will be lovely to watch.

10:27 AM EST  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Here's what I can't wait for if Me-O signs with Dallas.

Dawkins getting a bead on that star on his helmet...

That would rock.....

So where do we get good guys on the line?

- Joe

11:21 AM EST  
Blogger The Mean Guy said...

And how are the fans going to react?

i'd expect them to react way real cowboys fans always react, apathy and ignorance.

did they even bother to boo him when he came back as a 49er?

1:28 PM EST  
Anonymous Phil said...

TX Cowboy fans aren't ignorant from my trips down there. They might be a bit more laid back too, but apathy is a bit strong. Non-TX Cowboy fans are as you stated.

Seriously, there's no way he's going to post good numbers unless he can get open in under 1.5 seconds. I'm starting to get giddy just thinking about it.

3:12 PM EST  
Anonymous Phil said...


10:53 AM EST  
Anonymous Phil said...

BWA-HA-HA!!!! More from PFT:

"POSTED 8:18 p.m. EST, March 21, 2006


Based on some of the rumblings we're hearing out of Texas, it sounds like members of the Cowboys front office already are beginning to question the wisdom of signing receiver Terrell Owens.

Between the book deal, which we hear wasn't disclosed to the team before he signed, and the self-aggrandizing (is there any other kind?) rap song on his web site, and the rampant talk in league circles that Cowboys owner Jerry Jones was merely bidding against himself for T.O.'s services even though he apparently was led to believe otherwise, there is a concern that maybe, just maybe, Owens is the same guy now than he was a year ago.

Some league insiders are convinced that Owens is no different. "This guy has not changed and will not change," opined one league source.

"He's a star among stars," added the source. "That says it all. This will not work.

"This will cause the demise of Jerry and Bill [Parcells], too."

We'll keep our ears open for more.

And we'll keep eating our popcorn."

8:50 PM EST  

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