Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Wednesday Links

- don's rehab (the most important offseason issue for the eagles) is apparently on schedule

- penn state jumps into the top 5 with yesterday's commitments from antonio logan-el and phillip taylor. here is the entire class so far.

- michaels trade on hold for now, phils talking to mike piazza

- jack mccaffrey thinks it's not unreasonable to think that brett myers will grow into the no. 1 role



Blogger The Big Dog said...

Wow, that is the first time that I have heard that Don was feeling pain before camp. I definitely heard that he more than likely hurt it weightlifting, but I thought that it was more more of something that may have been aggravated in the off-season and hurt during the Atlanta game. Maybe that's the case but I'm thinking he probably hurt it doing squats or something. Hopefully Don works more on flexibility this off-season and does the things that got him to the NFL elite next year.

I may be reading way too much into it, but I like the fact that Heckert is representing the team in that interview. Now Andy could be on vacation, at the Senior Bowl (I actually think that that is the case)....I want Heckert and that other guy that the Eagles promoted to be more involved in non-coaching responsibilities and let Big Red concentrate more on the X's and O's and getting the right people in the right position in the right situation to win. Again I am giving the Eagles a Mulligan this year, so that is my glass half-full attitude.

I may be reading way too much into this, too, but I was listening to the Runyan interview (boy I hope we retain him) yesterday and Jody Mac asked him if they were going to miss Childress. Runyan did not hesitate at all and said that Marty was more than capable. That is another instance where someone around the Eagles didn't flinch when asked if Childress was going to be missed. I am thinking that while Childress is a decent guy and a good coach, there was something inherently wrong with 3 high ranking coaches involved with play calling.

So, I am looking into my crystal ball and here is what I definitely think the Eagles are going to do this off season:
1. Upgrade the D line through free agency and the draft...wouldn't be surprised to see a splash in the FA market for someone
2. Demote Keith Adams to special teams and replace him....I don't know what they will do to replace him, but I don't suspect a big FA signing and maybe even hope that McCoy can fill the strong side role and move Dhani to weakside
3. Andy is going to pull back but not out of his many will see that Heckert has more visibility as well as Mohrningweg.
4. The Eagles will try to get a bigger, complementary back that can put the "3 headed monster" back in place. It won't be Lamar Gordon, but won't be Edge either.
4. Parry won't be FB....but Andy doesn't believe in carrying FB's so I wouldn't be surprised to see someone like a Thomas Tapeh in this role or draft someone.
5. The Eagles will upgrade at TE. This may be another position where they put some money into the FA market. They basically threw the towel in when they brought back Chad Lewis. I think that they see that LJ is good at creating mismatches, but that they need some more production including blocking.
6. The reality may have set in that Koy is not worth a roster spot. Not playing him over McMahon at the end of last year was very telling. I would not be surprised if the Eagles cut Koy and McMahon....but I do think that they will look at trying to get a capable veteran that will not cause a QB controversy. This is practically impossible in Philadelphia, though. As soon as Don throws a pick the boo birds will come out.
7. ND Kalu will not be an Eagle next year.
8. I have a hard time believing that the Eagles will not do something at the WR position. I just don't think McMullen is a player. It won't, however, be Reggie Wayne.

I put this together by listening to the radio, R. Diddy, Andy comments and historical moves.

10:28 AM EST  
Anonymous Phil said...

Who's lost faith in 5? I don't know anyone who doesn't think he's our best chance of getting back to the Supe.

Regarding Koy: while he's obviously semi-valuable in the kicking game, maybe he's got value in game preparation or other behind the scenes abilities we never see.

2:03 PM EST  
Blogger Steve72 said...

Pete, did you see this article on (Five guaranteed Superbowl winners)

Seems like quite a slight on Andy that he wasn't included.

2:26 PM EST  
Blogger The Big Dog said...

Phil, you may be right. I can tell you someone who has lost faith in Don...go to the Sports Talk 950 or something like that, just google it....there is a guy from the 700 section crew that writes this article that just slams Don. It's just long and brutal.

Anyway, my problem with having Koy on the team is three-fold:
1. He is not cheap. It's not my money, but it's money that could be going to someone else. A counter-argument would be that he is cheap and anybody else would get more money. However,.....
2. There is just no real utility that I see in someone that's sole functionality on a team is to hold for a kicker....listen, I did that in high school and it's not hard. It's not like being a set-up man in baseball or a mid-reliever or a defensive specialist in basketball....not a lot of glory positions but valuable. Actually a long snapper and snapper for PATs is much more important. Not to diminish the role more than I have, but anybody with decent hands can get a snap truly is not that difficult....I would use a receiver, P, db (John Sciarra used to hold for the Birds in the early 80s and he was a FS) another back-up QB,etc. The argument is that you need a QB to get a throw off. I'm sorry, if you do a fake off a PAT or FG, the throw is usually pretty short and not worth $2 Mil a year. Oftentimes you will only run one less than 2 times a year, too.
3. He is not good and taking up a spot from someone who can either be a competent back-up that you have at least some shot to win 3-4 games with or a young guy who you are trying to develop. Reid not playing him last year showed me that they no longer have confidence in him and it is time for at least him to go.

PS...I am not sure that Reid hates Koy or McMahon so we'll see

2:29 PM EST  
Blogger The Big Dog said...

Just saw the list of coaches as guaranteed winners.....boy that is a suspect list. If I was making a list now of coaches who have not won but will win, I think that I personally would put Big Red
1. Dungy....will not win a Super Bowl, is very suspect in the post season where he becomes very conservative
2. Saban...agree here...solid coach who is a couple of moves from having a good team next year
3. John Fox...agree here, I think that he does a real nice job with that team, but needs to improve offensively
4. Gary Kubiak...are you frigging kidding me? that guy has not coached a game in the NFL yet. Not to say that he won't be a good coach, but please let's not annoint him yet, especially with that team....very suspect call...who was calling the offensive shots in Denver, too...don't think it was him
5. Marvin Lewis...on the fence with him....I do think that he has done a nice job with turning that team around, but let's get real for a second, this league is all about beefing up the many #1 picks did it take to get respectable. Do think he is a good coach, but he and Kubiak may be better coordinators than head men. I can live with him, though.

I would put Big Red as #4 and #5 would probably be Jack Del Rio

2:44 PM EST  
Anonymous Phil said...

I stay away from all Philly sportstalk radio/web stuff. Waste of time.

And I'm not so much saying they should keep Koy as there might be reasons we don't see for them to keep him. And I doubt he's making much more than league min these days which counts even less towards cap.

What a bad list. I disagre with Del Rio. Would put Lovie Smith above him.

2:53 PM EST  
Blogger The Big Dog said...

No Koy makes more than McMahon, like 2 mill a year. Maybe that's why the whole thing baffles me.

I thought of putting Lovie Smith, but really thought that they got lucky because of an easier schedule. They have no QB to speak of (I think Grossman stinks when healthy, but that doesn't mean Lovie can not get another job), and I thought that he really put a weak defensive package against Carolina. And did not adjust to cover Steve Smith. Just one play-off game, though.

Only reason that I put DelRio is that I think that they are solid defensively and offensively. Shows me that he can bring in a competent offensive mind because he is defensive minded. He also can coach the big game and has pulled some big wins off...we'll see. I don't think he is a lock, but I needed 2 to fill out the list.

3:05 PM EST  
Anonymous Phil said...

Frankly, the entire list is more of a joke than anything else. If Billick can win a SB, then I'm not sure you really have to be even a good coach to win one.

3:34 PM EST  

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