Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Wednesday Links

- rich hoffman is wondering the same thing as we are: "is the window closing". rich says no.
McNabb is a good player and he is a winning player - but he has been physically nicked this season, and he has made a series of bad decisions this season, and it is undeniable. How one plays into the other, the physical and the mental, is unknowable. How the tension surrounding Terrell Owens factors into the equation is just as unclear. But don't overblow the T.O. thing. That would be a mistake.
- the heading on phil sheridan's article today is "What happened? Birds are going downhill too soon and too fast." the content wasn't nearly as pessimistic as the title insinuates.

- we could see mike mcmahon's first start as a philadelphia eagle on sunday

- i'm starting to like les bowen more and more. i think he's pinpointed one big residual effect of the TO affair.

There was a time when McNabb prided himself on not throwing the ball up for grabs, when killer mistakes by No. 5 were rare. But like so many things the Eagles used to be able to depend on, McNabb's levelheadedness seems to be a thing of the past. It's almost as if his feud with Terrell Owens has unhinged the quarterback, has left him desperately trying to prove things to the public or his teammates that no one ever questioned before.

- five in a row for the philadelphia 76ers! gotta love mo cheeks.

- seems like there is a pretty good chance that wagner won't be back next season. wonder if venezuela would let urbina pitch in some sort of work release program...

- only one more hurdle for penn state to secure a BCS bowl bid


Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's been a long time since I've been excited about PSU football, but since the 3rd game I've been hooked. I have to tell you, I was in Stewarts Micro Brewery with Mike for the Michigan game, and man, that was a nail biter heartbreaker game. This feels like the old days man, its great. I'm convinced they are going to bury JoePa in Beaver Stadium wherever/whenever he drops dead. I can't wait for Saturday. We Are! Penn State!

- Joe

2:51 PM EST  

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