Thursday, November 10, 2005

All TO, All The Time

- well scratch off one way i thought TO might be able to get on the team. don doesn't seem at all interested in having him back on the team

- i think skip bayless has as good a read as anyone on what makes TO tick.

- in order to thank him for all the free content and storylines, ESPN has decided to rebrand itself ETON

- is getting pretty close too


Blogger The Big Dog said...

If anyone wants a good read, read the Skip Bayless article. He really kind of summarizes what I feel is the issue with TO. I am really tired of this issue, he, to me, is just another person in the world who is a denying addict who needs professional help. His addiction is the drama that counteracts insecurity. What a shame. I really have a hard time not putting a lot of blame on Rosenhaus. It's like a drug addict having a junkie as legal counsel. If Rosenhaus had a shred of human decency, he would have one of his minions ensure that TO gets some help. Realistically, I think Rosenhaus will dump him when he sees that he (Rosentool) will not get a big payday. TO and Rosenhaus are almost movie characitures (spelling?) of their respective roles...a spoiled rotten athlete, and an ambulence chasing, egomaniacal, selfish, percent craving, scumbag agent.

7:57 AM EST  
Blogger The Mean Guy said...

i'd like to see it play out with TO blaming everything on rosenhaus getting reinstated by the eagles. i think that is the best possible outcome.

a) TO comes back somewhat humbled
b) rosenhaus loses a lot of face
c) birds still have TO's talent

two things have to happen though, TO needs to sh*tcan rosenpuke and don probably has to give the go ahead.

2:01 PM EST  

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