Monday, November 14, 2005


i'm very excited about tonight's game. call me insane, but i still expect the philadelphia eagles to win this division. really. with the results of yesterday's games, everything is laid out for the birds to take control again. washington is nothing special and the giants are erratic. i was especially encouraged by eli manning's performance against the porous vikings defense. the vikings doubled plaxico burress all game and it was obvious that eli had no idea what to do in response. a few people emailed me a couple of weeks ago saying they would trade don for eli straight up, well, i wouldn't do then and i definitely wouldn't do it now. eli is still a work in progress. don is much closer to a finished product and i still doubt eli will ever get to where don is when healthy. remember also that don has still never worked with a receiving crew as talented as burress, toomer, and shockey.

for tonight's game, i expect the birds to come out and play with emotion and intensity. i expect don to play well (as he has on most of his previous monday night games). i expect JJ to blitz a lot to get more pressure on bledsoe. i expect parcells to run a lot more and play a lot more conservatively than last game.

i hope the receivers can make some big plays and answer some of the questions surrounding the receiving corps sans TO. i hope JJ is able to scheme some pass rush out of this defense. i hope we can cover witten and glenn. i hope westbrook makes an impact.

i think the birds win 23-16


Blogger Steve72 said...

call me insane, but i still expect the philadelphia eagles to win this division

You're insane.

9:19 AM EST  
Blogger The Mean Guy said...

i was pretty sane until there were 3 minutes left in the game. gah.

9:44 AM EST  

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