Wednesday, November 09, 2005

TMQ Feedback

yes, definitely think this is going to be a recurring item.

- exhibit 1
Sweet Offensive Line of the Week: On Shaun Alexander's 88-yard touchdown run, the Seattle tailback was never hit; the only contact was a defender's diving brush against the back of Alexander's shoe just before the score. It's pretty fun to run 88 yards when everyone in front of you has already been knocked to the ground. TMQ wonders, has there been a longer run in NFL history on which no one hit the runner?
umm, how about the famous bo jackson monday night run into the tunnel for 91 yards for starters?

- exhibit 2
Sour Play of the Week: Eagles trailing 10-7, Donovan McNabb was sacked at the Washington 31 with less than 20 seconds remaining in the first half, Philadelphia out of timeouts. Urgently, McNabb signaled the Eagles back to the line, making the spike motion as he did so. A clock-stopping spike was expected; instead McNabb took the snap and straightened up to pass, attempting the same trick Dan Marino once played on the Jets. Except -- McNabb's fake was so authentic he convinced his teammates the play would be a clock-stopper, and Eagles receivers just stood there. McNabb was sacked, half over. (Also, false start was called against the Eagles, so had the play worked it wouldn't have counted).
wrong. the false start was on the play *after* the fake spike/sack when the team couldn't get reset in time.

- exhibit 3
Sour Play of the Week No. 2: Game scoreless, Cleveland threw deep along the sideline. Dennis Northcutt caught the ball at the Tennessee 22, where rookie corner Raynaldo Hill was in position to make the tackle. Instead, Hill attempted to snatch the ball out of Northcutt's hands -- and missed him entirely, allowing the Browns receiver to stroll the rest of the way for a 58-yard touchdown. Yours truly blames this on ESPN's SportsCenter. Defensive backs now take silly risks in the hopes of creating highlight plays that will be shown on SportsCenter, instead of just making a routine tackle that ends the down.
it's easy to blame espn for lots of things, but this isn't one of them. *many* defensive coordinators in this league emphasize turnovers over yards including JJ. it's a byproduct of the ball-hawking mentality pushed by teams and not espn imo.

- exhibit 4
Sweet 'N' Sour Play: Leading 3-0 with 23 seconds remaining in the first half, Jersey/A faced fourth-and-1 on the San Francisco 32. Eli Manning play-faked and threw deep to Jeremy Shockey, whose lunging catch and touchdown was all the points the Giants would need. The catch was sweet. But the defense was sour, as Shockey was singled deep with only 23 seconds in the half. Where, exactly, did San Francisco think the play was going to go?
umm, do you suppose they thought it was going to be a run?

- exhibit 5
Funny, Most Clubs Want to Be the Team of the Moment: The Raiders have taken to calling themselves The Team of the Decades.
hello? the raiders started calling themselves that in the *eighties* when people were saying the niners were the team of that decade and the steelers were the team of the 70s. the raiders said, so what? we're the team of the decades.


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