Friday, November 11, 2005

Friday Links

- article about TO in arizona republic (link found on

- coverage of don's press conference yesterday, here, here, and here. anyone else think that having chad lewis on the team throughout this whole ordeal might have helped don deal with this? chad has always been a vocal supporter of don and defended him when people criticized him.

- b-dawk expects 5 to get back to the player he was before TO turned into a karma sink

- first career starts for jamaal jackson and trent cole. i suspect we'll see at least one fumbled snap early in the game, probably the first or second time dallas lines up in a 3-4 with someone right on jackson's nose.

- apparently, TO has put his atlanta house up for sale too. maybe he really does need the money.

- phil anastasia says, "meh, was he really that bad?"

- if pat gillick succeeds in trading thome and getting something in return he will be a hero in this town

- flyers got a win last night in a game where their team outplayed our team but our goalie outplayed their goalie. it's nice to be on the other side of that once in a while.

- how about young joni pitkanen leading the nhl in plus/minus?

- nice to see john leclair back on the ice

- big test for iggy tonight against, arguably, the best player in the nba (probably the biggest turd as well).

- big news, the nfl has agreed to put a team back in LA so the millions of people living there can not care and not watch. my only hope is that it doesn't end up being a tom benson owned team.


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