Thursday, November 10, 2005

Thursday Links

- yet another reason to love sheldon brown. for all the "leaders" on this team, sheldon is the only one who is stepping up to face this issue. all the rest are hiding and/or refusing to comment. sheldon says the birds still have talent and can win without TO. i believe him.

- filip bondy of the ny daily news on the TO situation

- two interesting tidbits in this article from the boston herald. a) the patriots are looking at bobby taylor as a potential replacement at corner and b) rodney harrison publicly ripped duane starks for sucking this season and likely isn't being threatened with a suspension. i'm not sure that bodes well for the birds in their upcoming arbitration hearing for TO's suspension.

- david aldridge discusses the arguments the union is going to present at the arbitration. any lawyer wanna weigh in with thoughts on the hearing? i suspect we'll be seeing TO back on the team if not on the field one way or another -- don may choose to take the high road again and forgive TO publicly or the union may win the grievance or TO fires rosenhaus and blames him for everything.

- two hits in the same week for stephen a smith, this is some kind of record. where are the teammates supporting don in all of this?

- honeybuns is out for the season with a torn rotator cuff. while i am not concerned about his replacement playing much worse than he did, i am concerned about how his replacement will handle the line calls.

- sixers got a big win last night over the mavs (sans nowitzki). the win was especially encouraging because allen and c-webb started off the game shooting blanks. at one point, allen was 2-13 and c-webb was 3-13 yet the sixers were only down 4. in past years, a start like that from allen spelled doom for the sixers. it was nice to see korver and igoudala step up and take control. defensive effort was nice as well, though it was against a depleted mavs team.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Read's take on this. Apparently the "punishment" has to be equal within the organization. What other teams do is irrelevant.

- Joe

12:25 PM EST  

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