Wednesday, November 02, 2005

TMQ Complaints

seems like this is going to be a recurring item.

from this week's tuesday morning quarterback column by gregg easterbrook:

- "The rip is the hardest move for the defensive linemen: You must push the blocker away with the outside of your arm, and the triceps are not naturally strong."

you don't use your tricep in any rip that i'm aware of. as far as i know, a rip move involves getting under the offensive lineman's arms with your shoulder and ripping your *bent* arm up and through his armpit (like an uppercut) to get his hands off you. the goal of pass rushing is not to move the offensive lineman or "push the blocker away" as easterbrook suggests. the goal of pass rushing is to escape the lineman's clutches and get past him. you do push on the offensive lineman after the rip to propel yourself away from him (rather that push him away from you), but you do it with your elbow, not your hand. what easterbrook is describing sounds more like a bullrush to me.

- "Last week, yours truly supposed teams should stop trying to score when ahead by 32 or more in the second half, since the greatest comeback in pro or college football history was from a 32-point deficit. By this reasoning, if Bloomberg gets ahead 32 percent in the polls, he can stop campaigning."

what kind of reasoning is that? because the direct correlation between football games and politcal campaigns is clearly established i guess. is that an attempt to be funny? clever? what is that?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

who the hell is Bloomberg?


11:43 AM EST  
Blogger The Mean Guy said...

mayor of new york

12:40 PM EST  

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