Wednesday, November 02, 2005

"Stand Pat"

no wonder monty got a comfort level with gillick. he's been notorious for building a team in the offseason and then making no deals during the season. "stand pat" has been a nickname that followed him throughout his career.

apparently, he took a lot of heat in toronto and was on the verge of getting canned before succumbing to pressure and making trade deadline deals during the two blue jays championships. after that, nada. filled out his resume, back to ed wade mode.

lovely, i begged the phillies to not hire ed wade jr... so they hired ed wade's father. the phillies are like the evil genie who always figures out a way to screw you out of your wish.

"i wish for a million dollars!"
you end up with a million dollars in pennies on the tom hanks castaway island.

that's the phillies.


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