Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Pitkanen's Huge Game

wow. joni pitkanen had a hand in all three goals at the end of the third period and overtime. does he have the potential to be the best offensive defenseman since mark howe?

no, i'm not making a comparison between joni and mark. there is no comparison as howe was the best defenseman the team has ever had, both offensively and defensively. really, it's more that the flyers haven't had a great history when it comes to offensive defensemen. desjardins has been a good player, coffey was a failed experiment, niinimaa never panned out, yushkevich ended up as more of a defensive player, garry galley was a nice player but nothing special, steve duchesne was pretty good but not great.

i've always wondered why the flyers haven't retired mark's number? doesn't he qualify as an all-time great? i certainly think so.

anyway, it was nice to see the flyers stage such a huge comeback, but frankly i was a little disappointed the game didn't get to a shootout. i've been waiting to see one.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I was witing for a shootout too. Amazing heart those guys have to keep fighting to the end like that though. April isn't nearly into hockey as I am and she almost gave me a heart attack from screaming from Joni's OT goal. I agree that Howe's # shoud be retired. I liked the fact that the announcers brought up how the Flyers try to keep their best players involved around Philly even after retirement (Keith Jones, Hextall, Holmgren, Dorny, etc..)

- Joe

12:09 PM EST  

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