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TO Feedback

from ben schuchardt
i hope that TO hasn't scarred mcnabb permanently. don is physically tough, but he can be a little sensitive sometimes. even though he usually takes the high road, you can tell that stuff like getting boo-ed by cataldi and his crew and getting sucker punched by limbaugh really bothered him. TO not only got under his skin, he hurt him deep inside. i hope don is able to move on and forget about it. i hope so... i fully expect the rest of the eagles to play much better as i am certain that this will be addition by subtraction.

that's the first sign of life on this team in a while. what i want to know is, in a sport where players have so much testosterone pumping that you can taste it in the air from the stands, how the hell does a challenge like this -- "One source told the Times the fight 'was like WWE Smackdown.' Another source told the paper both Douglas and Owens threw at least two punches before Owens challenged quarterback Donovan McNabb and then everyone else in the room, saying 'You want some? Anyone else want some?' -- go unanswered? how is it possible that someone who's not even playing anymore was the only one to anwer the call? this team is laying down on more than just game days it seems.
I think in the first paragraph you are dead on in recognizing a potential problem. The situation with TO hasn’t angered McNabb, it has saddened him. It would cause me the same reaction, so I understand the dynamic completely.

I part company with your take in paragraph 2. Donovan isn’t motivated or controlled by testosterone. He’s lived his entire life defining himself rather than allowing himself to be defined by others. He wouldn’t be defined by Angelo Cataldi or Rush Lindberg and he certainly won’t be defined by TO, who probably inpires more sympathy from Don than anger. Unlike many of today’s athletes who turn to Christ to help them score touchdowns and allow them to participate in managed virtue imagery, Don is truly a spiritual person. I imagine he has asked himself many times what more he could do to help TO manage his obvious personality disorder. He’s probably asked himself many times, “What would Jesus do?” I imagine that the answer he hears never resembles “punch TO in the mouth.” It won’t surprise me at all if Donovan reaches out in some way to TO when he is broken down and indigient, which seems entirely likely in the future. After the gold and money are gone, people will look harder at TO’s soul. They may not like what they see. I hope TO finds peace.

i don't disagree with anything you've written, but i would like to add that my surprise at no one besides hugh douglas answering the challenge was less about don and more about the rest of the team. i know it was a different time and a different sport, but if someone had called bobby clarke out like that, the person who issued the challenge would like have been beaten half to death. it concerns me that few players actually stepped up to defend don, and as i've had a chance to think about it more, i am starting to wonder if the reason is because many of the players took TO's side.

Contradictions don't exist. I think that it's clear that a good number of Eagles side with TO. There has been a troubling number of quotes (Brian Westbrook most recently) that spoke primarily to what a "good person" TO is. I read last night (Daily News) that Donovan felt the need to say to the team (not TO) "you're either with me or against me." I hope he has better luck with that line than George Bush did. My sense is that the team isn't with Don. I'm not sure why not, and I imagine that there is a reason beyond jealousy. We may never know the truth. Maybe Howard Eskin will get to the bottom of this. At least he'll be in the locker room to ask players instead of just making stuff up like the rest of the gang on WIP.

Where do you think Owens will wind up? I'm guessing Dallas. He always did like the star, and I'm sure Parcels thinks he can control anyone.

i'll be surprised if owens ended up in dallas. i don't think parcells has the energy to deal with TO anymore. remember that he dumped antonio bryant last season for being insubordinate and shyed away from shawne merriman in this year's draft because he was such a turd. parcells broke keyshawn johnson in when bill was a much younger and more vibrant man. that said, it would be just like jerry jones to sign him.

i suspect green bay will take a run at him if brett favre plays another season and baltimore would still take him if he wanted to go down there. denver is an option since shanahan will take talent over attitude every time. despite what arthur blank said in the preseason, the falcons believe the quality of the receivers is what is holding michael vick back. don't tell me they wouldn't jump at the chance to add a TO caliber receiver to that team to see if it accelerates vick's development. i think seattle is also a dark horse with holmgren looking to take a last run at a title and reid likely to give TO a good recommendation.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

There is no way Brett Favre would put up with T.O. period. The only way I see it happening is if T.O. got off the plane, Brett goes right up to him, beats him like a red headed step child and says "you are my bitch" in front of the media. Then maybe...
Baltimore? Are you smoking crack? You think the management will try a second bite at the poisonous apple? Look what happened the first time....
Homgren and Reid are friends, I highly doubt big red would push him off to there.


10:06 AM EST  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Also, about the rest of the team steppign up for McNabb. We've all been in fights, well most of us. When was the last time you wanted to get in someone's way in a fight? You never stand in the way of another man's fight. You let 2 guys take care of their own business. One or both guys may lose, but you let them fight unless weapons or chairs come into play. Not to mention, I have no doubt that at the time, T.O. was screaming like a ranting 7 year old. People probably weren't as angry as they were sorry for or disgraced by him. There's no need to fight someone like that. They quite obviously have already defeated themselves.

And Bobby Clarke, never needed anyone to fight for him in his playing days, though Dave "The Hammer" Shultz would have MORE than HALF killed them without witnesses around....


10:13 AM EST  
Blogger The Mean Guy said...

the fact that holmgren and reid are good friends is exactly why TO has a shot at seattle. reid believes in the goodness of people and he thinks TO needs someone to reach him. brett favre would deal with TO for one season to try for a last hurrah. if billick is still with baltimore, i think they'll consider TO again.

10:16 AM EST  
Blogger The Mean Guy said...

bobby clarke was quite the instigator in his day, but i don't remember him fighting many of his own battles. i was only 5 when the flyers won their first cup, so i missed their heyday, but i did watch clarkie at the end of his career.

10:45 AM EST  

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