Saturday, November 05, 2005

TO Suspended Indefinitely

in a move that's probably well overdue, the birds suspended TO indefinitely for "conduct detrimental to the team." the team hasn't decided yet whether the suspension will carry beyond tomorrow's game. reggie brown and billy mcmullen each move up in the depth chart.

i'd like to see reggie brown move up into TO's flanker position and see greg lewis continue to playing split end. i think reggie has much more game breaking ability so i think he can do more with the built in advantage that the flanker position provides.

obviously the birds' ultimate decision on the length of the suspension will be influenced greatly by whether or not big red thinks the birds are still superbowl contenders. if the birds come out tomorrow and uncork another stinker, then big red may well decide to shut 5 down, suspend TO for the rest of the season, and start regrouping for next season. if the birds dominate the skins tomorrow, then i think he may well reinstate TO for the monday night game.

hopefully the birds go out tomorrow and play great. keeping my fingers crossed...

quote of the day: "It's too bad TO wasn't born a mute..." - my wife


Blogger The Big Dog said...

Pete, it's much more fun responding to your blog than my own. Anywho, the Eagles did do the right thing. Every day he plays is a bad day. He is just such an unlikable guy. You have to work real hard to be hated in this city, but he's achieved that. I don't think one person who thinks the Eagles did the wrong thing by suspending him, would say the only reason that they disagreed was because they like him on the field. He is a fucking asshole. Everything bad about sports. It's hard to believe, but I think that he may have realistically ruined his career by these antics. I heard Jaws on the Jody Mac show and his concern was the Don was actually looking like a total pussy in this...just taking that fucking genius say that he wasn't as cerebral as....Brett Favre...I'm sorry, you can say Marino, Montana, Elway, but Favre....Brett is fun to watch but I bet he didn't have shoes until he was 10...shooting possum and whittling gun racks....uggh!! If I was Big Red, the cord is pulled and the lamp put into storage...if they let that cocksucker on the field again it is admitting defeat....I have no problem with them partially shutting down this year...IMHO, Don is hurting his career by playing during this mess...I would let McMahon play and try to at least get back to a semi-balanced attack...shit at least McMahon can scramble...if you listen to George on the Jody Mac show...he calls in around 5:20 each day, he has pointed out another one of many Reid blindspots, Koy (which I have been crying about since the AJ Feeley days). Koy would be good at the helm of Pepco in the South Jersey Sunday Flag Football League, but not the Birds...does anybody think that he is capable of leading this team?? I have actually held for extra points and it doesn't take a Bruce Jenner to do that....get the snap, put it down...I would offer my services to do that on a per weekend basis....shit, they pay me $3,000 per weekend and I would be more than glad, give me any jersey, let me hang out with Akers, hell I would even crack jokes in the locker room.

10:16 AM EST  
Blogger The Mean Guy said...

i think the team believes that koy is the best holder in the nfl, and not by a little amount. koy is supposed to have the best hand-eye coordination on the team by a wide margin. no one can beat him in ping pong, darts, pool, or any other game involving manual dexterity.

given that, it's possible andy's thinking could be along these lines:

- if don goes down, the season is in jeopardy regardless of who the backup is (unless the backup is another top 5 QB)

- the incremental value of having koy hold for kicks is much greater than any backup QB sitting on the bench.

- akers has been as close to automatic as you can get. why mess with the bartrum to detmer to akers chemistry.

7:25 PM EST  

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