Sunday, November 06, 2005

Hugh Douglas, "Bad-ass-ador"

espn is reporting that TO and hugh douglas got into a scrap in the locker room on wednesday. "A team source told Mortensen that Douglas, whose post with the Eagles he re-titled 'bad-ass-ador,' entered the team's training room Wednesday and announced 'I know there are people in here faking injuries.' The comment apparently led to the scrum between Owens and Douglas."

that's the first sign of life on this team in a while. what i want to know is, in a sport where players have so much testosterone pumping that you can taste it in the air from the stands, how the hell does a challenge like this -- "One source told the Times the fight 'was like WWE Smackdown.' Another source told the paper both Douglas and Owens threw at least two punches before Owens challenged quarterback Donovan McNabb and then everyone else in the room, saying 'You want some? Anyone else want some?' -- go unanswered? how is it possible that someone who's not even playing anymore was the only one to anwer the call? this team is laying down on more than just game days it seems.

i understand that you have to try to keep the peace. i understand that you have to try to maintain composure and be a professional. i understand that you have to try to be a good example. blah blah blah. look, the guy is challenging everyone's manhood from within.

he's the biggest clubhouse cancer in the history of team sports, and you can't fight a cancer with just medicine. the body has to have fight too. someone is going to have to give this boy a blanket party. i'm more disappointed that no one has taken it upon themselves to beat the crap out him after a stunt like that than i am with the horrible losses lately. this guy is sucking the life out of this team, and no one is doing a damn thing about it.


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