Monday, November 07, 2005

Monday Links

- don finally says something about TO. for him, this is a lot -- "Obviously it is tough losing a guy of his caliber, his ability, but I think we might be better off."

- even stephen smith sometimes writes something that rings true. "
For McNabb, it's not about saving face or winning ball games anymore. It's about his future with this franchise. He has to stand up for himself, get in Owens' face if necessary - do something more than that, if need be - to get Owens' attention and everyone else's."

- sam donnellon asks the question that's running through my head -- "
If you had to do it over again, would you? Would you add Terrell Owens to a good team, hoping to make it a great team knowing full well that he also has the capability of turning a good team into a mediocre one?" -- knowing what we know now, i'm not sure that it was a good move overall. he has sucked the life out of this team.

- reuben frank's take on the game.

- phil anastasia wonders if the birds are pushing mcnabb past his prime by letting him play through all of these injuries.

- another city starting to experience the devil's passive aggressive ways and petulant personality. pretty soon another city is going to realize that the "genius" communicates only to the press, holds others to a higher standard than he holds for himself, and is moodier than all get out. he's the TO of coaching.

- two articles today about derian hatcher. he's playing much better lately and reminding everyone (including me) that he has been and can be a difference maker in this league.


Blogger Steve72 said...

I think it is important...nay, vital... that you discuss this story, particularly the portion I have bolded.

Two Carolina Panthers cheerleaders are out of jail on bond Monday morning after they were arrested for allegedly fighting in a Florida bar over the weekend.

Police charged Angela Keathley and another woman who police believe is Renee Thomas. Investigators said Thomas gave them another TopCats cheerleader's ID.

Officials said the women were engaged in some kind of sexual activity in the bathroom stall at a bar called Banana Joes.

Police said there was an apparent argument with a nightclub patron waiting to use the stall and police said a fight started between the women.

Investigators believe Thomas hit the woman with a closed fist.

A second Panthers cheerleader, Angela Keathley, is charged with disorderly conduct and resisting arrest.

The cheerleaders traveled to Tampa on their own for Sunday's Panthers game against the Buccaneers. The TopCats do not perform at away games.

11:37 AM EST  
Blogger NFL Adam said...

That is the biggest news of the year. Plus we have the pictures of all the girls involved on our site. Check it out.

11:44 AM EST  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You forgot to mention that Gagne is on fire. He's at 15 goals in 13 games. Holy Crap the Flyers look good. Well, it looks like I'll have something to watch come January....


12:37 PM EST  
Blogger The Mean Guy said... also had coverage of that. i was going to talk about it, but they weren't that hot so it just kind of killed the excitement for me...

1:53 PM EST  

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