Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Offensive Line Concerns

i heard various people say today that it's ok that the o-line played like ass yesterday because atlanta has one of the best d-lines in football. i agree atlanta's d-line is a good one and is a major reason why the birds o-line looked so shabby last night. the fact remains, however, that once you get into the playoffs you can expect almost every d-line to be good. the teams that win protect their qb against the good d-lines, not just the bad ones.

our vaunted d-line, got nary a finger on tom brady in the superbowl. that's the kind of protection mcnabb needs to have in order to "play to his potential" (to steal a phrase from ed wade). switch places last superbowl, and i'm sure brady doesn't look quite as "cool under pressure" as he did.

i'm no chicken little here, but my main concern all offseason was the quality and depth of our offensive linemen and last night's game didn't help address any of my concerns. they'll still have a successful season and win their fair share of games, but i'll have a concerns about their ability to win the big one without a major improvement in the offensive line play.


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