Monday, September 12, 2005

Birds Season Outlook

am i deluded in thinking this could be the best offense that the eagles have ever had and the best defense since the 91 team? is that possible? if so, is it just our luck that we're playing at the same time as a team contending to be the best ever?

thoughts on offense:
- lewis and brown are going to be better than pink and fredex
- moats is going to add more speed and versatility to the offense
- mcnabb is going to be better
- o-line and TO's 5 year old mentality are concerns
- gordon can play
- lj should be an upgrade at TE

thoughts on defense:
- playing the bullet over simoneau as a starter is an upgrade
- d-line is deep and good
- secondary could be the best in the nfl
- patterson is going to be a difference maker in the nfl

thoughts on special teams:
- akers is 2nd best kicker in the league
- johnson is very good when healthy
- coverage teams might be shaky
- wynn is more than serviceable as a return man


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